Uses of Interface

Packages that use CopySelector Contains all the copy selectors, that is the algorythms that select a copy of a file from the result of a query. 

Uses of CopySelector in

Classes in that implement CopySelector
 class AllCopiesSelector
          Select all the copies returned by the query.
 class MinMaxSingleCopySelector
          Select the copies trying to comply with the minFilesPerProcess parameter.
 class RootdMinMaxSingleCopySelector
 class SingleCopySelector
          Choses a copy for each files randomly, taking into consideration the preferStorage.
 class XrootdMinMaxSingleCopySelector
          -----class comment----- This class is copy selector for xrootd syntax

Methods in that return CopySelector
static CopySelector CopySelectorFactory.createCopySelector(CatalogQuery query, Request request)
          Returns the Copy selector to be used on a given query of a given request.

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