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Tpc drift velocity calibrations, procedure of updating DB

Tpc drift velocity calibrations are created using laser data. Calibrations files are written on RCF disk in the directory

Files name looks like
tpcDriftVelocity.20030409.160208.C where '20030409.160208' is timestamp created by laser data production jobs
Created files should be checked and put in offline database.

Macros and scripts to process with DB updating


First step:

create macro GetFileTimes.C containing a list of files & timestamps
/star/u/starreco/laserdvci/tpc/ -f tpcDriftVelocity -d [name of directory with files you want to insert]

Second step:

set DB server
setenv STDB_SERVERS $STAR/StDb/servers/dbServers_robinson.xml

Third step:

add new calibrations files in offline database
root4star -q AddLaserDVList.C

Fourth step:

check new inserted calibartions in offline database
/star/u/starreco/laserdvci/tpc/checkTpcDv.csh 100, where '100' tells the database to dump the 100 most recent entries.

Fifth step:

provide production team with time stamp for last data entry in offline database like 20030801

Lidia Didenko