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Some Simple How-To with DB data
Offline computing tutorial Maintained by Jeff Porter
Last modified Fri Jul 03 00:19:00 1998


This page is a repository of links to examples of how to read and write DB data.

Solaris build of ReadDbTable executable using RogueWave STL

CC -c -KPIC -pta -g -I. -I/online/production/packages/StDbLib -I/online/production/packages/SL99h/StDb/include -I/star/sol/packages/rogue/workspaces/SOLARIS25/SUNPRO42/15d/include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DOS_SOLARIS_2_6 -DSOLARIS -DST_NO_TEMPLATE_DEF_ARGS -o ReadDbTable.o

rm -f ReadDbTable

CC -w -O -o ReadDbTable ReadDbTable.o -lsocket -lnsl /star/sol/packages/rogue/workspaces/SOLARIS25/SUNPRO42/15d/lib/ /online/production/packages/StDbLib/ -L/opt/star/lib -lmysqlclient

Solaris build of WriteGains executable .

CC -c -I/star/sol/db/DataBases/StDbLib -I/star/sol/db/DataBases/include -I/star/sol/db/DataBases/StRoot/StTpcDbUtil -o WriteGains.o

rm -f WriteGains

CC -w -O -o WriteGains WriteGains.o /star/sol/db/DataBases/StDbLib/ /star/sol/db/DataBases/.sun4x_56/lib/ -lnsl -lsocket