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BNL-specific requirements and configuration for networked Windows computers:

  All networked devices on the BNL internal networks are required to be registered.   (NB--- Please do not attempt to register your machine while using STAR's cygnusb wireless access points.)   More specifically, each network interface is to be registered -- one computer might have multiple network interfaces, each of which requires a separate registration.   That's because the registration is keyed on a specific string assigned to each network interface by the manufacturer that is supposed to be unique in the world.   It is known as a "MAC", "ethernet" or "hardware" address and each network interface has one. (Ie. You must create a separate registration entry for each network card you use on a system.)   For more information, or to update your registration information, click here.  This requirement applies to things beyond typical PCs, such as remote network power supplies, VME processors and other networked equipment.   If you have such equipment that you cannot register (typically because it doesn't run any sort of web browser), then please contact ITD (x5522) or Wayne Betts for assistance in registering the system.   While not necessary, if you have the capability to verify that the MAC you are registering is in fact yours (Windows hint:  "ipconfig /all" or Linux hint:  "ifconfig"), please do so.   Glitches in the system occaisionally fail to properly keep track of the realtime IP-to-MAC mapping, and you, the adaptable human, can perhaps avert the unfortunate situation of misregistration.
  The BNL networks are routinely scanned for vulnerabilities by ITD, auditors and even sometimes malicious intruders.  The most prevalent scan is done using Nessus, which looks for common network services and many known vulnerabilities.  Any user with a web browser can initiate a new scan of his host machine and look at the most recent scan results for his IP address by going to   (NB. When it requests an email address to send the results, you must use an address ending in, or it will reject you.)   The results can be daunting to interpret, so please ask for assistance if you are unsure how to interpret or correct any results.   Some results are "false positives" or uncorrectable but necessary, in which case they can be marked as such in the database.

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