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STAR Offline Software: QA Reference Information
QA team: Lanny Ray, Gene Van Buren, Michael Daugherity, Kohei Kajimoto Maintained by Lanny Ray

For QA Group:

  • Some documents:

    1. QA: Regularly Performed Task List - May00
    2. QA: document on writing library status reports - May00
    3. QA: Automatic macro testing instructions
        -- List of library macros that are tested
    4. QA: Task (To Do) List - May00

    Older and un-official information is kept below

  • autoQA offline macros:


    9March 00 - MDC3 histograms - for 3pm Offline Analysis Mtg

  • Other Results and Information

    QA joblist - our "to do" list from 10/99

    Older QA reports

    DST Production QA reports - from MDC2 until end of Sept. 1999
    (around 9/8/99, we are phasing in the new automatic QA procedure, so are not keeping up the daily QA results and histograms pages)

  • even OLDER reports: MDC2:
    Notes and Histograms MDC1:
    Notes from Outcome and Review Meeting (11/98?) Talks,Presentations