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STAR Software Basics - tutorial given 3 Dec 99
  Maintained by K. Turner

If you found this page, then I assume you know how to get to the main STAR computing WWW page at All other pages that I describe will be starting from this page (unless otherwise noted).

Things new users should do:

Most of the information below can be obtained from the STAR software tutorials: STAR -> computing -> tutorials (top of page)

  1. Read the software tutorials under the heading Computing Environment located at STAR -> Tutorials
  2. Get RCF and AFS accounts - by going to
  3. make sure you set up your computing environment as described on pages linked from near top of Tutorials page: "Setting up your Computing Environment" and "Setting up a Linux Machine"
  4. Setup your offline computing environment by following instructions at pages linked from 1/4 way down Tutorials page: "Setting up your offline computing environment"
  5. note the schedule for software meetings at top of computing www page
  6. sign up for email lists (# 1 - 3 is minimum!)
    1. starmail-l - general star info
    2. starsoft-l - general software info
    3. rhic-rcf-l - general rcf announcements
    4. starsofi-l - software infrastructure, if you'll be working on software a lot
    5. starrel-l - info about when software releases are made
    6. starbnl-l - for people locally at BNL
    7. rhic-software-l - rcf core software group
    8. other software lists include: staronl-l (online), starglobal-l (global software), starsimu-l (simulations - Geant), starcvs-l (CVS checkins), svt-soft-l (svt software), staremc-l (emc software)
    You can get information on how to subscribe and more details about these lists from STAR -> computing -> Mailing Lists (top of page). Or for all the email lists, go to main STAR page: STAR -> email archives
  7. List of machines, disks, and printers - look under Facilities and Environment, halfway down main computing page
  8. To submit or track a bug report - click on Problems: Reporting, Tracking at top of computing page