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Currently Available Kumacs for STAF
Offline computing tutorial Maintained by Turner and Wenaus

Some high-level kumacs in current software releases (10/98)

   bfc.kumac   -- Standard steering script for running all or part
                  of the full production chain from running GSTAR onward
                  (stands for Big Full Chain)
   bfc_util.kumac -- utilities for bfc, where actual package kumacs
                     are executed, etc. 

   setup.kumac  -- Sets up standard table directory structure, global macros,
                   aliases, etc.
   setup_defaults.kumac -- set up default directory search string
   load_libraries -- loads libraries in input domains and reads in
                     default parameter files
   input_g2t_file.kumac -- Init,read & close macros for reading file with 
                           just Run and Event directories on it
   read_default_params.kumac -- read in default parameter xdf files for each
                              pam/domain using "par2mem"
   read_table_from_file.kumac -- init, read & close macros for reading file 
                                 with any directory structure
   write_table_to_ntuple.kumac  -- Init, write & close ntuples 
                                   (to memory or disk)
   write_params.kumac -- writes parameter files for each domain using
                        fill macro in pam/dom/kumac/init*.kumac

$STAR/kumacs/gen/  (currently runs outside of BFC)
  run_hijing.kumac  -- run hijing and create output xdf file
  run_mevsim.kumac  -- run hijing and create output xdf file
  run_pythia.kumac  -- run hijing and create output xdf file
  run_venus.kumac   -- run hijing and create output xdf file

$STAR/kumacs/sim/  - can run the GSTAR simulation in BFC or outside of it.
     If you want to set up your own non-standard geometries/physics then
     you should use the kumac in this area (see also tutorial on this)

     run_gstar_g2t_full.kumac -- you can edit to put in your own geometry
     run_gstar_g2t.kumac  -- uses standard geometry files

The "bfc" kumac is the standard that will be supported. All other chain kumacs (in separate domains) will be made eventually to become part of bfc.kumac & bfc_util.kumac