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Building STAF
Offline computing tutorial Maintained by T. Wenaus

This tutorial is virtually content-free because building STAF is not done by the end user. In the current versions of STAF users do not have to build their own version of the STAF executable except under very exceptional circumstances. All application codes are incorporated into STAF using dynamic linking of modules into a standard executable used by all.

The standard executable is invoked with the command staf. You can check on exactly what you're running with which staf.

If you're curious as to how the executable is built, or you need to build your own, it's driven by the $STAR/mgr/ makefile (which in turn uses a number of other makefiles from this directory). This makefile is used by the $STAR/mgr/installExe.csh script; it is this script that is run to build the executable.

Dynamic linking of application codes to prepare them for use in STAF is done via standard makefiles that the user does not need to touch ($STAR/mgr/ To load all the packages in the TPC domain, for example, you issue from the staf command line 'make tpc'. To load a particular package, eg. tss, 'make tpc/tss'.

Clean Start

When starting from scratch, if all you are going to do is use STAF as an end user, without building any of your own local code into STAF, all you need to do is

$ cd ~/workdir
$ staf
staf> make tpc (to load tpc libraries - if not done in kumac below)
staf> exec my_master_kumac