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Offline directory structure
Offline computing tutorial Maintained by Turner and Wenaus

Organization of software releases

The offline software is released periodically as a complete unit. Releases are named with a version name of the form SL99d, for Star Library fourth (d) release of 1999. Five releases are maintained with different degrees of stability and obsolescence, ranging from very unstable and completely current (dev) to strictly stable and typically outdated (old, frozen). See the release policy page for descriptions and explanations of the release versions.

Release versions reside at $STAR_PATH/VER, VER=dev, new, pro, frozen, old, or eg. $STAR_PATH/SL98c for a particular named version. The variable $STAR will point directory to the release area you're in (e.g. if you're in "pro" which is currently sl98e, $STAR will point to $STAR_PATH/SL98e = /afs/rhic/star/packages/sl98e)

The main directories of interest are listed below. The following definitions are used:
*pkg* == package or (for software under pams/) domain (tpc,svt, etc.)
*version* == software version (SL99d etc)
*arch* == architecture (sun4x_56 etc)

Each release directory (eg. $STAR_PATH/SL98e) contains the following structure (not exhaustive):

  .*arch*         - Platform-specific build area named as '.'
                            followed by the $STAR_SYS architecture name
                            (eg. i386_linux2, sun4x_56)
     /bin/                    - Binary Files
     /dep/pkg                 - Dependency files
     /lib/                    - Libraries
     /obj/pkg                 - Object files 

  .share              - Platform-independent build area
      /tables         - stic output from table IDL processing 
                          to build the ROOT dictionary
      /pkg            - ROOTCINT files; stic output from module IDL processing 
                          to build the ROOT dictionary
   StRoot             - ROOT based framework and packages
   asps               - Analysis Service Packages for STAF
   bin                - binary files for STAF, GEANT, ROOT etc.
   inc                - Links to include files 
      /sim            - GSTAR kumacs
      /chain          - old STAF driver kumacs. No longer maintained.
      /dst            - ditto
      /util           - utility kumacs
      /domain         - principal driver kumacs for particular domain
   mgr                - Makefiles, utility scripts
      /domain         - packages for each domain
        /idl            - table idl files
        /inc            - Include and header files used by more than one packag
        /kumac          - kumac files for each package
        /package        - package directories       
     /domain          - parameter files, geometry, switches etc.
                                  for each domain

  Domain             -  New software domains that are not pams
                            (and so don't belong under pams/)
                            eg. StRoot, StarClassLibrary

Other directories

/afs/rhic/star/data = $AFS_RHIC/star/data = $STAR_DATA

Data files. See especially samples subdirectory

/afs/rhic/star/calib = $STAR_CALIB domain

Contains calibration files that may change with time. See eg. tpc/pedestal and tpc/gain subdirectories. Used by the interim calibration database developed by Akio Ogawa, Yuri Fisyak and Vladimir Tikhomir.
The standard login sets up a number of environment variables for directories in this structure; see the environment setup tutorial for more information.