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How to run example bfc kumac in STAF
Offline computing tutorial Maintained by Turner

To Run bfc.kumac

  1. I assume you have setup your login area and are in pro
  2. I am using
  3. create a directory you want to work in and go there:
  4. To run call_bfc_readfz_to_dst_year2.kumac ==>
  5. from /scr22/kathy/test, run STAF:
    and away she goes!
  6. OR can run one of the dst chains:
      > exec $STAR/kumacs/dst/call_bfc_read_dst_check.kumac

If there are problems running, you *may* have to delete the detm.rz file in your workdir!

Results of running a bfc chain - $STAR/kumacs/chain/call_bfc_readfz_to_dst_year2.kumac - (10/98) Are Here

What to do after running kumac

The standard chain kumacs either write out the staf tables to a file (full event directory or dst directory only) and can write a table to an ntuple. You can only make plots from ntuples!

You can write files while still in STAF after running if you forgot to put it in automatically

You can now read the ntuple back into STAF (just like PAW) and make a plot:
         hi/file 21 mytable.ntup 0
         nt/print 21
         nt/pl 21.myvariable