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Example PAMs
Offline computing tutorial Maintained by Kathy Turner

You can use my example pam given here to see how to write all files needed and to run in BFC STAF.

  1. Set up directories needed
  2. Now write files needed

  3. Now compile your file
          cd ~work/pams/daq/wgf
  4. Write the kumacs you need:
      cd ~work/pams/daq/kumac and then write:

  5. Now set up to run your package from "user" chain in BFC:

  6. Now set up to run BFC:

  7. To run in STAF from ~work
            exec call_bfc_readfz_to_dst_year2
         HURRAY!! IT WORKED (10/6/98)

  8. To make it official, make sure you've gone through all the steps required (see previous tutorial pages). Then you will have to check in (to CVS) your code,idls & kumacs into a pre-existing domain & package, or ask to have a new one created. Then send a request to Kathy Turner and ask to have it included in the BFC kumacs.