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Offline computing tutorial

Maintained by J. Lauret

Authorship of the tutorials

The tutorial authors are a good source of help! Each tutorial has one or more maintainers responsible for keeping it up to date (bug them if you find material to be outdated). Writing and contributing to the tutorials is a collective effort with many contributors...

Computing organization

Visit the organization page for information on who is responsible for what area of STAR computing, who the principals are in the software infrastructure group, and who the group leaders for computing are in each detector subsystem and other specialized areas.

Questions and problems

Direct questions on subsystem software to the code author or sub-system software coordinator. Direct questions on infrastructure to the mailing list (see the Hypernews mailing lists page for more information on the lists) or directly to a member of the SOFI group. Do not direct infrastructure questions and problem reports to starsoft-hn unless it is really appropriate that they have a collaboration-wide audience. The starsoft-hn list is for software announcements and discussions of broad collaboration interest.

Use the problem report form also for reporting documentation errors, deficiencies, suggestions, outdated pages, etc.