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Tables in STAF
Offline computing tutorial Maintained by Turner and Wenaus

Tables are the data structures supported by STAF. They are defined via CORBA IDL and are CORBA-compliant structures analogous to C structures. Any STAF table can be represented as a C structure or a Fortran structure (VMS Fortran), and of course they are made available in these representations; this is how code accesses them. See the idl directory of any domain for examples of table definitions in IDL.

To setup directory structure of tables in STAF ==>

STAF organizes tables into data sets organized in a Unix-like directory tree. A standard directory structure is followed in STAF, below. It is defined in $STAR/kumacs/util/setup.kumac. To get this directory structure you must do the following 2 commands when you start STAF:

Global macros are used in the kumacs to point to the directories. These are defined by doing after the above setup.

Directory Structure of Tables in STAF

/dui/run/     -> all data associated with the run

/dui/event/   -> all data associated with the event
          /evgen             - event generator tables
          /geant/Event       - geant tables      
          /raw_data/detector - data at the detector level
          /data/detector     - processed data
               /global/dst   - dst tables

/dui/calib/   -> calibration data that might not be associated with
                 particular run or event