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Test CVS version of your new/changed module using BFC kumacs
Offline computing tutorial Maintained by Kathy Turner

  1. I'm assuming you've created/editted your module, compiled it, checked it into CVS, right?
    Now you need to test that the code you checked into CVS works properly (sometimes you might forget to check it all in and/or libraries didn't get built properly.
  3. Now go to a clean area (i.e. create a new workdir and go to it). You can't have any files in this area because then pointers to files might be wrong.
  4. check out code and compile cvs version:
         cvs co pams/dom
         cd pams/dom
         makes   (do this OUTSIDE OF STAF)
         cd back to workdir and setup to run staf with a call_bfc* kumac
  5. Now redo the testing of your module with this version from CVS: Click Here
  6. After you have completed everything and are at this step, you can now ask Kathy to make your new kumacs part of the official BFC chain. She will be happy to do so at this point.