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How to use "user" chain in BFC to put in your own commands
Offline computing tutorial Maintained by Kathy Turner

  1. See also instructions on "Creating a New Module" under "Developing Code for Use in STAF"
  2. When you run BFC, add "user" to the chain and point "TOP" to your working directory. The kumacs init_user.kumac, run_user.kumac & finish_user.kumac will be automatically called.
  3. Copy the default ones (dummies in $STAR/pams/global/kumac) to your workdir.
  4. Execute your package kumacs in workdir/pams/domain/kumac from these user kumacs.
  5. If you do it this way, Kathy will be much happier and quicker about implementing your new package/module into the official BFC kumacs.