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Setting up user account for afs home directory owner 
Offline computing tutorial  Maintained by Olga

1) Set up the same  klog password and  login password. To change afs token password  one can use

2) Copy your old .tcshrc, .login, .forward and .Xauthority  files to public/ and make links to these files from top of your home directory.

3) One can make a link to your old home directory for convenience, but Yuri advised me not to put this link on a top level - that makes possible to
work while we have some nfs problems.

4) Yuri teach me a couple of useful commands I didn't know before.  If you'd like to have your WWW dir  accessible from any browser, you need to change access settings for it. One can use

 >fs la

 to check current status, and

 >fs sa

to change it. For example,  for my WWW directory I did

 >fs sa WWW system:anyuser rl

 to make it public.