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Qt-Root project

Qt-layer for ROOT (ROOT layer for Qt) - the unique technology creating the complex data-analysis and the computer simulation interactive software packages and problem-oriented applications based on Qt and ROOT frameworks

Click here to install Root 5.24.00 with Qt layer on Windows Desktop

The installation script allows "one click" Web installation of the ROOT with Qt-layer on Windows XP/2000/9x. It contains the ROOT file with the complete It includes the STAR geometry and Geometry viewer to navigate it.

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STAR Image Library

A collection of general graphics showing STAR event-data visualizations and hardware representations. The image library includes event-visualizer images.

DSV - a general data visualizer (Duncan Prindle)

DSV is a general graphics package for data visualization and browsing. DSV stands for Data Set Viewer. A data set is generally any homogeneous collection o f objects, such as the reconstructed space points in the STAR detector or particle information from an event generator, and is often a rather complex entity. Reconstructed space points may have x, y and z positions, correlations between these, deposited ionization, and chi^2 as well as errors on these quantities. Standard event displays pick out a few of these quantities for display. Histograming packages usually let you choose what quantities to plot or histogra m but have limited capabilities for interacting with the data. DSV permits rather general on-the-fly definition of data elements and function al combinations for representation in a 3D space projected to a 2D screen. Object definitions can be by drag-and-drop or command-line entry. Interaction with the displayed data is very comprehensive, involving zooms, rotates, translates and picks to display associated data structures in table widgets. There is extensive capability for color editing, flagging and data marking and hiding. DSV currently consists of a hierarchical tree for browsing the structure of a data file, an event display (qcd) for 3D representations of data sets, and scrollable table widgets (2D grids of numbers) to present subsets of the data set in tabula r form.

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