Expert Modes
After successful installation, all executables are located in the OnlinePlots/bin directory.
The following expert-only options exist:
The evpServer can be started with the following command line options:
    -nogui                           no graphical user interface will be opened
    -disabled                       if GUI is present, user interaction is disabled
     -live                              immediately switch to live mode after start-up
    -start                             start requesting data immediately after start-up
    -end                              launch end-of-run-action, when end of run is detected
                                            (prints all active panels into a pdf file and saves to data base)
    -path <pathname>        switch off live mode and read data from <pathname>
    -map <mapfilename>   do not write to default memory mapped file, write to <mapfilename>
    -nocheck                      do not check for other running instances of evpServer
    -nevents <number>      process only <number> events for each run
    -quit                               quit at the end of the run
    -h                                  print list off command line options
When the QEvpClient is started without any command line arguments, the live mode will read from the default memory mapped file.
Started with a pathname as a command line argument, e.g. QEvpClient, will overwrite the default memory mapped file name.
If you are developing code and want to run the evpServer and QEvpClient without        interfering with the experiment monitoring, you would start the server and client like this:
> evpServer -map -path <pathname> -start
> QEvpClient