STAR Online Monitoring
STAR Online Monitoring:
The STAR online monitoring system consists of two applications currently running on a quad-CPU Intel-i386 Linux machine.
The first application is the evpServer. During data taking, its main functionality is to constantly read the most recent event from the event pool and fill user defined histograms which are written into a memory mapped file.    
The second application is called the QEvpClient. Its purpose is to read the histograms provided by the evpServer from the memory mapped file and display them. While in the whole of STAR only one evpServer is running, multiple instances of QEvpClient are typically running.
The histogramming is done via the ROOT analysis package ( which I have installed as version 5.08/00b.
The letter  Q signifies the use of Trolltech’s Qt ( in the  QEvpClient ‘s gui.  
Qt is extended via the qtRoot (  package provided by Valeri Fine .