ROOT 5.08/00b (GLGPL) is currently installed under the user account ‘laue’.  
$ROOTSYS = /home_local/laue/ROOT/SHARED/root
ROOT can be obtained from .
The free x11 QPL version of QT 3.3.4 is currently also installed under user account ‘laue’
 $QTDIR /home_local/laue/QT/qt
Qt can be obtained from
Qt has been expanded via the qtRoot package from Valeri Fine (
qtRoot provides several useful features integrating ROOT into the Qt framework. In this application, the most wildly use of this features is the TQtWidget. The TQtWidget fuses a ROOT canvas with a QtWidget. A histogram drawn on a TQtWidget will automatically update when the histogram changes, just as a TCanvas will update when the histogram changes.