RHIC Fill & Daily EEMC To Do:

  1. New Fill Action Items

    1. At start of each fill, after ramp and steering completed and while other detectors are being brought up:

      1. "Read All" TOWER FEE (on tower crate top level screen)
      2. "Read FROM ALL BOXES" (on MAPMT FEE Box top level screen)

      3. During above, check/use individual screens if any problems -
        reconfigure as required any "crates" or "boxes" that show up red
        (e.g., have "HDLC" errors, "write vs. read value" errors, etc.)

        RED troubleshoot instructions here:

          Tower FEE or MAPMT FEE

      4. If any crates/boxes have tripped off, a "Master Reload" (or its equivalent) is required after resetting the LV power. For MAPMT, 'Master Reload" of affected sectors (e.g., "12-3" or "4-7" or "8-11") is sufficient.

    2. For first EMC (test) runs, check P-Plots for good EEMC operation of TOWERS, MAPMT (SMD and Pre-Post SHOWER detectors) and tower trigger functions.

  2. End of Fill EEMC Action Items

    1. At end of fill check tower configuration integrity (on tower gui: "read all" -- red indicates changed values -- use individual crate screens to investigate -- log any reported "mask/config" problems w/ shift leader in STAR shift log).

  3. Daily Action Items

    1. Daily, keep an eye on MAPMT chiller water level indicator (view on STAR video: camera west, position #1). Generally should be ok as Bob Soga tries to keep level topped up on weekly basis whenever he gets Wide Angle Hall (WAH) access.

    2. Other daily activities are generally coordinated with EEMC experts and may involve power cycling and/or reconfiguring crates to eliminate small accruing problems or solve other operations issues. Remember, power cycles must be followed by "Master Reload" (in case of MAPMT "Master Reload" of affected sectors is sufficient but complete reload doesn't hurt) -- use individual screens as per the above instruction if any problems with global operations persist. When in doubt consult experts!

Operations Reminders:

    All EEMC subsystem components remain on all the time

    LV power, HV to PMT's, tower FEE, MAPMT FEE, etc. remain on all the time -- NO SPECIAL MODES during RHIC tuning, beam dumping, or STAR magnet ramping,

    See "Normal Operations" screen for things to check on run-by-run basis.