General in 2006

Spring APS Meeting - Lanny Ray (ppt)
Spring APS Meeting - Michael Daugherity (ppt)

Quark Matter 05

Bulk-medium Properties in Relativistic Nuclear Collision - Duncan Prindle
Dissipation and Fragmentation of Low-Q^2 scattered partons at RHIC - Lanny Ray (ppt)
Two-particle Correlations from p-p Collisions at 200 GeV - Tom Trainor

General in 2005

ISMD 2005 - Tom Trainor
MIT Workshop on Correlations and Fluctuations - Jeff Porter
MIT Workshop - Duncan Prindle
MIT Workshop - Lanny Ray (ppt)
MIT Workshop - Tom Trainor
RHIC-AGS User's Meeting, June 2005 - Lanny Ray
RHIC-AGS User's Meeting, June 2005 - Tom Trainor

DNP meeting 04, Chicago


General in 2004

Physics colloquium at Rice U. - Lanny Ray (Oct)
Nuclear physics seminar at BNL - Mikhail Kopytine (Sept)
ISMD 2004 - Jeff Porter
GSI Workshop, Skopelos, Greece - Tom Trainor
RHIC-AGS User's Meeting, May 2004 - Tom Trainor
20th Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics, Jamaica, - Tom Trainor

Quark Matter 04


DNP meeting 03, Tucson


General in 03

Talk given at Ohio State U. by Lanny Ray (ppt)