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Setting Up the tpm Pad Monitor

The tpm pad monitor is available on deneb under the staronl account via tpm.exe (or, more explicitly, ~/bin/tpm.exe One need no longer set permissions on scaup to allow netfeed connections from other machines on scaup's subnet.

Release notes exist for tpm V3.2, and there is obsolete infomation on the old pdm.

To set up Pad Monitor:

  1. Bring up a terminal window (right mouse button: Programs -> Terminal).

  2. Find a display supporting X Windows and the 64K colors needed by tpm; most PC's (like sirius) do; deneb doesn't. Type setenv DISPLAY <display location> . Enable other hosts at the display location: login to PC's and start Exceed; login to Unix boxes and type xhost + in the console window.

  3. In the deneb window, type tpm.exe; the pad monitor should pop up.

  4. From the File menu, select Open DAQ; the connection window should pop up.

  5. Enter the Port: 5000 (netfeed 0) or 5010 (netfeed 1); and enter the Host:

  6. Click Connect; an event should appear.

Written: September 22, 1998

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