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AgUDecay Class Reference

Interface between starsim and virtual decayer (VMC implementation) More...

#include <AgUDecay.h>

Inheritance diagram for AgUDecay:

Public Types

enum  DiscoveryPolicy_t { kDecay = 0, kSpawn }

Public Member Functions

void SetDecayer (StarDecayManager *dcay=0)
int operator() ()
void SetDiscovery (DiscoveryPolicy_t p)

Static Public Member Functions

static AgUDecayinstance ()
static StarDecayManagerManager ()
static void setParticleStop (const int pdgid)
 Debug method. Will throw an exception when pdgid is decayed.

Protected Member Functions

double StackParticleForTransport (const TParticle *particle)
bool MayTransport (const TParticle *particle)
 ClassDef (AgUDecay, 1)

Protected Attributes

TClonesArray * mArray
TLorentzVector mP
DiscoveryPolicy_t mDiscovery
int mNextG3id
int mNonConservation

Static Protected Attributes

static AgUDecay sInstance
static std::map< int, int > mParticleStop

Detailed Description

Interface between starsim and virtual decayer (VMC implementation)


Definition at line 18 of file AgUDecay.h.

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