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AgUStep Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AgUStep:

Public Member Functions

void operator() ()
void Finish ()
void Init (const Char_t *filename="")
 Initialize stepping routine. Opens TFile and creates TTree.

Static Public Member Functions

static AgUStepInstance ()

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

static Float_t rmin = 0.0
static Float_t rmax = 200.0
static Float_t zmin =-200.0
static Float_t zmax = 200.0
static Int_t verbose = 0
static Int_t mnTruth = 0
static Int_t mxTruth = -1
static TGiant3 * geant3
static Quest_t * cquest
static Gclink_t * clink
static Gcflag_t * cflag
static Gcvolu_t * cvolu
static Gcnum_t * cnum
static Gcsets_t * csets
static Gckine_t * ckine
static Gcking_t * cking
static Gctrak_tctrak
static Gcmate_t * cmate
static Gccuts_t * ccuts
static Gcphys_t * cphys
static Gctmed_t * ctmed
static Int_t nlev

Protected Member Functions

 ClassDef (AgUStep, 1)

Protected Attributes

TTree * mTree
TFile * mFile
Int_t idEvent
Int_t idTruth
Float_t aDeStep
Int_t nStep
Float_t aStep
Float_t vect0 [7]
Int_t oldEvent

Static Protected Attributes

static AgUStepsInstance = 0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 99 of file AgUStep.h.

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