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Track Class Reference

C++ STL includes. More...

#include <Track.hh>

Inheritance diagram for Track:

Public Member Functions

StepAddStep ()
void Clear (const Option_t *opts="")
 ClassDef (Track, 1)
StHitfirstHit () const
 First hit.
StHitlastHit () const
 Last hit.
void merge (Track *track)
 Merge this track with that track.
bool fit ()
 Perform linear fits in zx- and zy-plane. More...
double chi2zx ()
 chi square of linear fit in zx-plane
double chi2zy ()
 chi square of linear fit in zy-plane
int ndf () const
 Number of degrees of freedom.
bool ok () const
 Good track? More...
bool accept (StHit *hit) const
 Is hit close enough to track? More...
double length () const
 Track length. More...
double x0 () const
 x-intercept at z = 0
double y0 () const
 y-intercept at z = 0
double dxdz () const
 dx/dz slope
double dydz () const
 dy/dz slope
double x0error () const
 Error on x-intercept.
double y0error () const
 Error on y-intercept.
double dxdzError () const
 Error on dx/dz slope.
double dydzError () const
 Error on dy/dz slope.
 Track (Int_t sector, StTrack *track, LaserB *laser=0, Double_t z=0)
Int_t Matched ()
void SetPredictions (TGeoHMatrix *Raft2Tpc=0, TGeoHMatrix *Bundle2Tpc=0, TGeoHMatrix *Mirror2Tpc=0)
virtual void Print (const Option_t *opt="") const

Public Attributes

Int_t idTruth
Float_t eta
Float_t phi
Float_t x
Float_t y
Float_t z
Float_t px
Float_t py
Float_t pz
Float_t mass
Float_t charge
Int_t nSteps
TRefArray steps
Int_t Flag
StVertexId mType
StThreeVectorD Vertex
Int_t mSector
Int_t mKey
Short_t mFlag
UShort_t mNumberOfPossiblePointsTpc
Float_t mImpactParameter
Float_t mLength
UShort_t mNumberOfFitPointsTpc
UShort_t mPrimaryVertexUsedInFit
Int_t fNdEdx
Float_t fdEdx
StHelixModel fgeoIn
StHelixModel fgeoOut
StDcaGeometry fDca
Double32_t fpTInv
Double32_t fTheta
Double32_t fPhi
StThreeVectorD XyzP
StThreeVectorD XyzPL
StThreeVectorD XyzPU
StThreeVectorD XyzPB
StThreeVectorD XyzPM
StThreeVectorD dirP
StThreeVectorD dirPL
StThreeVectorD dirPU
StThreeVectorD dirPB
StThreeVectorD dirPM
StThreeVectorD dU
Double32_t thePath
LaserB Laser
Double32_t dPhi
Double32_t dTheta
Double32_t zLastHit

Detailed Description

C++ STL includes.

Pibero Djawotho Indiana University November 17, 2005 ROOT includes STAR includes Beam background track

Class to hold information about a beam background track. In particular, a Track contains all the hits associated with it and two linear fitters used to fit the track to lines in the zx- and zy-plane.

Definition at line 47 of file AgUStep.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool Track::accept ( StHit hit) const

Is hit close enough to track?

true if the radial distance in the xy-plane between the hit and a point on the line at the same z-location as the hit is less than 5 cm, false otherwise.

Definition at line 67 of file

References dxdz(), dydz(), x0(), and y0().

Referenced by StBeamBackMaker::Make().

bool Track::fit ( )

Perform linear fits in zx- and zy-plane.

true if fit succeeded, false otherwise

Definition at line 26 of file

References firstHit(), lastHit(), and Line::perigee().

Referenced by StLaserAnalysisMaker::Make(), and StBeamBackMaker::Make().

double Track::length ( ) const

Track length.

Distance between the point of closest approach to the first hit and the point of closest approach to the last hit on the track.

Definition at line 166 of file Track.hh.

bool Track::ok ( ) const

Good track?

true if the absolute value of the slopes in the zx- and zy-plane are both less than MAX_SLOPE (= 0.1), false otherwise.

Definition at line 62 of file

References dxdz(), and dydz().

Referenced by StBeamBackMaker::Make().

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