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AnaCuts Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AnaCuts:

Public Member Functions

 AnaCuts (const char *flag="dAu")
void printCuts ()
Bool_t isPointOK (MyPoint *, TVector3)
Bool_t isEventOK (MyEvent *, const char *)

Public Attributes

Float_t vertexxCUT
Float_t vertexyCUT
Float_t vertexzCUT
Float_t neutralCUT
Float_t photonCUT
Int_t etaHitsCUT
Int_t phiHitsCUT
Float_t energyRatioCUT
Float_t etaMinCUT
Float_t etaMaxCUT
Float_t rapidityMinCUT
Float_t rapidityMaxCUT
Float_t rapPionMinCUT
Float_t rapPionMaxCUT
Float_t softTrigHT1
Float_t softTrigHT2
Float_t ratioCUT
TArrayI isHot
Float_t asymmetryCUT
Int_t ht1AdcCUT
Int_t ht2AdcCUT
Int_t nPtBinsMB
TArrayD ptBinsMB
Int_t nPtBinsHT1
TArrayD ptBinsHT1
Int_t nPtBinsHT2
TArrayD ptBinsHT2
Int_t nPtBinsEffMB
TArrayD ptBinsEffMB
Int_t nPtBinsEffHT1
TArrayD ptBinsEffHT1
Int_t nPtBinsEffHT2
TArrayD ptBinsEffHT2
Int_t nMinvBinsMB
Float_t mInvLowMB
Float_t mInvHighMB
Int_t nMinvBinsHT1
Float_t mInvLowHT1
Float_t mInvHighHT1
Int_t nMinvBinsHT2
Float_t mInvLowHT2
Float_t mInvHighHT2
Int_t nPtBinsEff
TArrayD ptBinsEff
Float_t timesSigma
double ptCut
double triggerPtCut
double pseudoRapidityCutOff
unsigned int minNumberOfFitPoints
unsigned int minNumberOfPoints
double l3MomentumCut
bool verbose

Detailed Description

Definition at line 12 of file AnaCuts.h.

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