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MyEvent Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 MyEvent (int run=0, int ev=0, int date=0, int time=0)
 MyEvent (const MyEvent &)
int runId ()
int eventId ()
int date ()
int time ()
int trigger ()
int prescale (unsigned int i)
int highTowerAdc ()
int highTowerId ()
int highTowerStatus ()
float highTowerEnergy ()
TVector3 vertex ()
int goodPrimaries ()
int goodPrimBarrel ()
int goodGlobals ()
int refMult ()
int corruptedCrates ()
int modulesNoHits ()
int modulesBad ()
int numberOfPoints ()
int numberOfMcPhotons ()
int numberOfMcPions ()
float energyInBarrel ()
float momentumInTpc ()
float momentumInTpcWest ()
float zdcSumWest ()
float zdcSumEast ()
float zdcVertexZ ()
float bbcSumEast ()
float bbcSumWest ()
float ctbSum ()
float bbcVertexZ ()
float weight ()
float partonPt ()
TClonesArray * getPointArray ()
TClonesArray * getMcPhotonArray ()
TClonesArray * getMcPionArray ()
MyMcTrackgetMcTrack ()
void setRunId (int val)
void setEventId (int val)
void setDate (int val)
void setTime (int val)
void setTrigger (int val)
void setPrescale (unsigned int i, int val)
void setHighTowerAdc (int val)
void setHighTowerId (int val)
void setHighTowerStatus (int val)
void setHighTowerEnergy (float val)
void setVertex (float val1, float val2, float val3)
void setGoodPrimaries (int val)
void setGoodPrimBarrel (int val)
void setGoodGlobals (int val)
void setRefMult (int val)
void setCorruptedCrates (int val)
void setModulesNoHits (int val)
void setModulesBad (int val)
void setEnergyInBarrel (float val)
void setMomentumInTpc (float val)
void setMomentumInTpcWest (float val)
void setZdcSumWest (float val)
void setZdcSumEast (float val)
void setZdcVertexZ (float val)
void setBbcSumEast (float val)
void setBbcSumWest (float val)
void setCtbSum (float val)
void setBbcVertexZ (float val)
void setWeight (float val)
void setPartonPt (float val)
void addPoint (MyPoint *)
void addMcPhoton (MyMcTrack *)
void addMcPion (MyMcTrack *)
void setMcTrack (MyMcTrack *)

Protected Attributes

int fRunId
int fEventId
int fDate
int fTime
int fTrigger
int fPrescale [4]
int fHiTowAdc
int fHiTowId
int fHiTowStat
float fHiTowEn
TVector3 fVertex
int fGoodPrimaryTracks
int fGoodPrimaryTracksBarrelW
int fGoodGlobalTracks
int fFtpcRefMultTracks
int fCratesCorrupted
int fModulesNoHits
int fModulesBad
float fEnBarrel
float fTpcPt
float fTpcPtBarrelW
float fZdcSumW
float fZdcSumE
float fZdcVertexZ
float fBbcSumE
float fBbcSumW
float fCtbSum
float fBbcVertexZ
float fWeight
float fPartonPt
int fNumberOfPoints
int fNumberOfMcPhotons
int fNumberOfMcPions
TClonesArray * fPointArray
TClonesArray * fMcPhotonArray
TClonesArray * fMcPionArray

Detailed Description

Definition at line 11 of file MyEvent.h.

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