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DIGCluster Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DIGCluster:

Public Member Functions

 DIGCluster (DIGCluster &adigCluster)
void Clear (const Option_t *="")
void PrintInfo ()
Int_t GetNpixels ()
std::vector< Int_t > GetPixelMap ()
std::vector< Int_t > GetDigitalCharge ()
void AddPixel (Int_t DigitalCharge, Int_t PixelNumber)
Int_t GetTotalCharge ()
Int_t Get1stCrownCharge (DIGPlane *myDIGPlane)
Int_t Get2ndCrownCharge (DIGPlane *myDIGPlane)
Int_t Get4NeigboursCharge (DIGPlane *myDIGPlane)
Int_t GetMultiplicity (Int_t Threshold)
Double_t GetXposition_CoG ()
Double_t GetYposition_CoG ()
void SetXposition_CoG (Double_t aXposition_CoG)
void SetYposition_CoG (Double_t aYposition_CoG)
void Compute_CoG (DIGPlane *myDIGPlane)
void Compute_SeedPixel (DIGPlane *myDIGPlane)
Int_t GetSeedPixelIndex ()
void SetSeedPixelIndex (Int_t Index)
void GetXYPixelNumber (Int_t &Xpix, Int_t &Ypix, DIGPlane *myDIGPlane, Int_t PixelNumber)
Bool_t IsPixelInThePlane (Int_t Xpix, Int_t Ypix, DIGPlane *myDIGPlane)
std::vector< Int_t > Get4NeigboursPixelsIndex (DIGPlane *myDIGPlane)
std::vector< Int_t > Get1stCrownPixelsIndex (DIGPlane *myDIGPlane)
std::vector< Int_t > Get2ndCrownPixelsIndex (DIGPlane *myDIGPlane)

Protected Member Functions

 ClassDef (DIGCluster, 1)

Protected Attributes

Int_t fNpixels
vector< Int_t > fPixelMap
vector< Int_t > fDigitalChargeMap
Double_t Xposition_CoG
Double_t Yposition_CoG
Int_t fSeedPixelIndex

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file digcluster.h.

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