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DIGParticle Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DIGParticle:

Public Member Functions

 DIGParticle (Float_t EntryX, Float_t EntryY, Float_t EntryZ, Float_t ExitX, Float_t ExitY, Float_t ExitZ, Float_t Energy_deposited)
 DIGParticle (DIGParticle &adigparticle)
void Clear (const Option_t *="")
Float_t GetEntryX ()
Float_t GetEntryY ()
Float_t GetEntryZ ()
Float_t GetExitX ()
Float_t GetExitY ()
Float_t GetExitZ ()
Float_t GetEnergy_deposited ()
Float_t GetTotalAnalogCharge ()
Int_t GetTotalDigitalCharge ()
Int_t GetNSegment ()
std::vector< Float_t > GetSegmentX ()
std::vector< Float_t > GetSegmentY ()
std::vector< Float_t > GetSegmentZ ()
std::vector< Float_t > GetSegmentCharge ()
Int_t GetNpixels ()
std::vector< Int_t > GetPixelMap ()
std::vector< Float_t > GetAnalogCharge ()
std::vector< Int_t > GetDigitalCharge ()
void SetNSegment (Int_t NSegment)
void SetEntryX (Float_t EntryX)
void SetEntryY (Float_t EntryY)
void SetEntryZ (Float_t EntryZ)
void SetExitX (Float_t ExitX)
void SetExitY (Float_t ExitY)
void SetExitZ (Float_t ExitZ)
void SetEnergy_deposited (Float_t Energy_deposited)
void SetNpixels (Int_t Npixels)
void ComputeChargeDeposition (Float_t StartingSegmentSize, Float_t MaximumSegmentSize, Float_t MaximumChargePerSegment)
void ComputeChargeTransport (DIGPlane *aDIGPlane, DIGTransport *aDIGTransport)
void PrintInfo ()
void AddPixel (Float_t AnalogCharge, Int_t PixelNumber)
void UpdatePixel (Float_t AnalogCharge, Int_t PixelNumber)
void AddRandomNoise (DIGPlane *myDIGPlane)
void AnalogToDigitalconversion (DIGADC *myDIGADC, DIGPlane *myDIGPlane)
Int_t GetPixelNumber (DIGPlane *myDIGPlane, Float_t Xpos, Float_t Ypos)
void GetXYPixelNumber (Int_t &Xpix, Int_t &Ypix, DIGPlane *myDIGPlane, Int_t PixelNumber)
void GetXYPixelCenter (Float_t &Xpix, Float_t &Ypix, DIGPlane *myDIGPlane, Int_t PixelNumber)
Double_t GaussianLaw (Double_t mean, Double_t sigma)

Protected Member Functions

 ClassDef (DIGParticle, 1)

Protected Attributes

Float_t fEntryX
Float_t fEntryY
Float_t fEntryZ
Float_t fExitX
Float_t fExitY
Float_t fExitZ
Float_t fEnergy_deposited
Int_t fNSegment
vector< Float_t > fSegmentX
vector< Float_t > fSegmentY
vector< Float_t > fSegmentZ
vector< Float_t > fSegmentCharge
Int_t fNpixels
vector< Int_t > fPixelMap
vector< Float_t > fAnalogChargeMap
vector< Int_t > fDigitalChargeMap

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file digparticle.h.

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