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EditableFilter< Filtered > Class Template Reference

#include <EditableFilter.h>

Inheritance diagram for EditableFilter< Filtered >:
Filter< Filtered > EditableParameters Parameters Subject Named Described

Public Member Functions

 EditableFilter (const string &name, const string &description)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Filter< Filtered >
virtual bool accept (const Filtered *filtered) const =0
virtual void reset ()
virtual void unset ()
bool filter (const Filtered *filtered)
int getAnalyzedCount ()
int getAcceptedCount ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from EditableParameters
 EditableParameters (const string &name, const string &description)
 EditableParameters (const EditableParameters &parameter)
const EditableParametersoperator= (const EditableParameters &parameter)
virtual void setDefaults ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Parameters
 Parameters (const string &name, const string &description)
 Parameters (const Parameters &parameter)
const Parametersoperator= (const Parameters &parameter)
Parameteradd (Parameter *parameter)
ParametergetParameter (const string name)
ParameterIterator begin ()
ParameterIterator end ()
ParameterConstIterator begin () const
ParameterConstIterator end () const
virtual void initialize ()=0
void clear ()
 Clear/delete all parameters held by this container.
bool isEnabled ()
bool isEditable ()
void setEnabled (bool value)
void setEditable (bool value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Named
void setName (const string &newName)
 Set the name of the object.
const string & getName () const
 Get the name of the object.
bool isName (const string &aName) const
 Determine whether name equals given name.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Described
void setDescription (const string &description)
 Set the Describe of the object.
const string getDescription () const
 Get the Describe of the object.
bool isDescribed () const
 Determine whether Describe is set, i.e object has a Describe.
bool isDescription (const string &description) const
 Determine whether Describe equals given Describe.
bool sameDescriptionAs (const Described &described) const
 Determine whether Describe equals that of given object.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Subject
virtual void attach (Observer *)
virtual void detach (Observer *)
virtual void notify ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Subject
typedef vector< Observer * > ObserverVec
 For convenience.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Named
 Named (const string &aName=" ")
 Only derived class are Named.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Described
 Described (const string &aDescribe=" ")
 Only derived class are Described.
- Protected Attributes inherited from Filter< Filtered >
int _analyzedCount
int _acceptedCount
- Protected Attributes inherited from Parameters
ParameterVector parameterVector
bool _enabled
bool _editable
- Protected Attributes inherited from Named
string _name
- Protected Attributes inherited from Described
string _description
- Protected Attributes inherited from Subject
ObserverVec mObservers

Detailed Description

template<class Filtered>
class EditableFilter< Filtered >

Pure virtual class defining an editable filter.

Definition at line 10 of file EditableFilter.h.

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