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StBemcHitList Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StBemcHitList:

Public Types

enum  { mxm =120, mxe =20, mxs =2 }

Public Member Functions

void initRun ()
void build (StEmcDetector *det, Float_t adcMin)
StBemcTablesTable ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from StPhiEtaHitList
void clear ()
void initRun ()
Int_t etaBin (Double_t eta)
Int_t phiBin (Double_t phi)
Int_t PhiEtaBin (Double_t phi, Double_t eta)
Int_t addTrack (Float_t eta, Float_t phi)
Int_t getActive (Int_t iBin)
Int_t getFired (Int_t iBin)
Int_t getTrack (Int_t iBin)
Bool_t isMatched (Int_t iBin)
Bool_t isVetoed (Int_t iBin)
Float_t getWeight (Bool_t active, Bool_t matched, Bool_t vetoed)
Float_t getWeight (Int_t iBin)
Int_t getnFired ()
Int_t iPhiEta2bin (Int_t iPhi, Int_t iEta)
void iBin2iPhiEta (Int_t iBin, Int_t &iPhi, Int_t &iEta)
void setActive (Int_t iBin)
void setFired (Int_t iBin)
void setTrack (Int_t iBin)
Double_t MinPhi ()
Int_t NoHits ()
TH2C * Active ()
TH2C * Fired ()
TH2C * Track ()

Static Public Member Functions

static StBemcHitListinstance ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from StPhiEtaHitList
static void SetDebug (Int_t k=1)
static Int_t Debug ()
static Double_t W (Double_t energy)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from StPhiEtaHitList
Char_t beg [1]
TH2C * mActive
TH2C * mFired
TH2C * mTrack
Double_t phiMin
Char_t end [1]
Float_t Wmatch
Float_t Wveto
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from StPhiEtaHitList
static const Char_t * names [3] = {"Active","Fired","Track"}

Detailed Description

Definition at line 114 of file StPhiEtaHitList.h.

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