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StEEmcBaseCluster Class Reference

#include <StEEmcBaseCluster.h>

Inheritance diagram for StEEmcBaseCluster:
StEEmcCluster StEEmcSmdCluster

Public Member Functions

Int_t key () const
void key (Int_t k)
Bool_t split () const
void split (Bool_t s)
void addMatch (Int_t key, Int_t layer)
Int_t numberOfMatchingClusters (Int_t layer) const
Int_t getMatch (Int_t ith, Int_t layer) const
Float_t energy () const
void energy (Float_t e)
Int_t numberOfElements () const

Protected Member Functions

 ClassDef (StEEmcBaseCluster, 1)

Protected Attributes

Int_t mKey
Bool_t mSplit
std::vector< std::vector< Int_t > > mMatched
Float_t mEnergy
Int_t mNumberOfElements

Detailed Description

Jason C. Webb Jason.nosp@m..Web.nosp@m.b@Val.nosp@m.po.e.nosp@m.du

Base representation of and EEMC cluster, holding information which is common between tower- and smd-clusters. This class provides storage of a unique id for the cluster, and stores the unique id's of clusters in other layers which "match" this cluster (as determined by the cluster maker).

StEEmcCluster and StEEmcSmdCluster represent tower/pre/post and smd clusters, and derive from this class.

Definition at line 25 of file StEEmcBaseCluster.h.

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