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StEStructEvent Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 StEStructEvent ()
 Phi weights.
 StEStructEvent (StEStructEvent &e)
void Clear (Option_t *option="")
Int_t EventID () const
Int_t RunID () const
Int_t EventTime () const
Double_t Centrality () const
Float_t Vx () const
Float_t Vy () const
Float_t Vz () const
Float_t VertexZ () const
Float_t BField () const
Float_t ZDCe () const
Float_t ZDCw () const
Float_t ZDCCoincidence () const
unsigned short RefMult () const
double ctbMult () const
int NumPrim () const
TVector2 Q ()
void CalculatePsi ()
Float_t Psi ()
void ShiftPhi ()
void SetPhiWgt (const char *weightFile)
void AddTrack (StEStructTrack *pEStructTrack)
void SetEventID (const Int_t id)
void SetRunID (const Int_t id)
void SetVx (const Float_t vx)
void SetVy (const Float_t vy)
void SetVz (const Float_t vz)
void SetVertex (const Float_t vx, const Float_t vy, const Float_t vz)
void SetBField (const float bfield)
void SetZDCe (const Float_t zdce)
void SetZDCw (const Float_t zdcw)
void SetZDCCoincidence (const Float_t zdccoincidence)
void SetRefMult (const unsigned short mult)
void SetctbMult (const double mult)
void SetNumPrim (const int mult)
Int_t Ntrack ()
Int_t Npos ()
Int_t Nneg ()
TClonesArray * Tracks ()
virtual StEStructTrackCollection * TrackCollectionM () const
virtual StEStructTrackCollection * TrackCollectionP () const
void SetCentrality (const Double_t N)
virtual void FillChargeCollections ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file StEStructEvent.h.

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