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StEStructPairCuts Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StEStructPairCuts:

Public Member Functions

 StEStructPairCuts (const char *cutFileName)
virtual bool loadBaseCuts (const char *name, const char **vals, int nvals)
virtual void loadUserCuts (const char *name, const char **vals, int nvals)
virtual void printCutStats (ostream &ofs)
virtual void printCutCounts (ostream &ofs, const char *cutType, int c1, int c2)
float BField () const
void SetBField (const float bfield)
const StEStructTrackTrack1 () const
const StEStructTrackTrack2 () const
void SetTrack1 (const StEStructTrack *trkPtr)
void SetTrack2 (const StEStructTrack *trkPtr)
float DeltaMt () const
float DeltaXt () const
float DeltaYt () const
float DeltaYt (float mass1, float mass2) const
float DeltaEta () const
float DeltaEta (float mass1, float mass2) const
float DeltaPhi () const
float DeltaPt () const
float SigmaMt () const
float SigmaXt () const
float SigmaYt () const
float SigmaYt (float mass1, float mass2) const
float SigmaEta () const
float SigmaEta (float mass1, float mass2) const
float SigmaPhi () const
float SigmaPt () const
bool awaySide ()
bool sameSide ()
StLorentzVectorF fourMomentumDiff () const
StLorentzVectorF fourMomentumSum () const
float qInv () const
float kT () const
float mInv () const
double quality () const
double OpeningAngle () const
double NominalTpcEntranceSeparation () const
double NominalTpcXYEntranceSeparation () const
double NominalTpcZEntranceSeparation () const
double MidTpcXYSeparation () const
double MidTpcZSeparation () const
double MidTpcSeparation () const
double OuterMidTpcXYSeparation () const
double OuterMidTpcZSeparation () const
double OuterMidTpcSeparation () const
double NominalTpcExitSeparation () const
double NominalTpcXYExitSeparation () const
double NominalTpcZExitSeparation () const
double TpcZEndcapExitSeparation () const
double TpcRadialEndCapSeparation () const
double NominalTpcAvgXYSeparation () const
double NominalTpcAvgZSeparation () const
bool TracksCrossInPhi () const
void SetZoffset (float Zoffset)
float GetZoffset ()
void setPairType (int type)
int cutPair ()
int cutPair (bool doHistograms)
int cutPairHistograms ()
int goodDeltaXY ()
int goodDeltaZ ()
int goodDeltaMt ()
int cutDeltaPhi ()
int cutDeltaEta ()
int cutDeltaMt ()
int cutqInvORNominalEntranceSep ()
int cutqInv ()
int cutEntranceSep ()
int cutMidTpcSepUS ()
int cutMidTpcSepLS ()
int cutExitSep ()
int cutQuality ()
int cutHBT ()
int cutCoulomb ()
int cutMerging ()
int cutCrossing ()
int cutMerging2 ()
int cutCrossing2 ()
int cutLUT ()
int cutMass ()
int cutDeltaPhiH ()
int cutDeltaEtaH ()
int cutDeltaMtH ()
int cutqInvH ()
int cutEntranceSepH ()
int cutMidTpcSepUSH ()
int cutMidTpcSepLSH ()
int cutExitSepH ()
int cutQualityH ()
int correlationDepth ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from StEStructCuts
 StEStructCuts (const char *cutFileName)
virtual void setCutFile (const char *cutFileName)
virtual bool isLoaded ()
virtual bool loadCuts ()
virtual void dataValue (const char *name, float value)
virtual int createCutHists (const char *name, float *range, int nvals=2)
virtual int createCutHists (const char *name, double *range, int nvals=2)
virtual int createCutHists (const char *name, int *range, int nvals=2)
virtual int createCutHists (const char *name, unsigned int *range, int nvals=2)
virtual void addCutHists (TH1 *before, TH1 *after, const char *name=NULL)
virtual void setDoFillHists (bool filling)
virtual bool doFillHists ()
virtual void fillHistogram (const char *name, float value, bool passed)
virtual void fillHistogram (const char *name, float val1, float val2, bool passed)
virtual void fillHistogram (const char *name, float val1, float val2, float val3, bool passed)
virtual void fillHistograms (bool passed)
virtual void writeCutHists (TFile *tf)
bool loadBaseCuts (const char *name, const char *val1, const char *val2, const char *val3="", const char *val4="")
void loadUserCuts (const char *name, const char *val1, const char *val2)
virtual void printCuts (std::ostream &of, int i=-1)
virtual void printCuts (const char *fileName)
virtual void printCutStats (std::ostream &of)=0
virtual bool loadCutDB ()
virtual bool isCut (const char *cutName)
virtual int cutID (const char *cutName)
virtual float maxVal (const char *cutName)
virtual float maxVal (int cutID)
virtual float minVal (const char *cutName)
virtual float minVal (int cutID)
virtual void setRange (const char *cutName, float xmin, float xmax)
virtual void setRange (int cutID, float xmin, float xmax)

Public Attributes


Protected Member Functions

void init ()
void initCuts ()
void initNames ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from StEStructCuts
void resize ()
void initVars ()
void deleteVars ()

Protected Attributes

CutName mdphiName
CutName mdetaName
CutName mgooddzdxyName
CutName mdmtName
CutName mqInvName
CutName mEntSepName
CutName mExitSepName
CutName mQualityName
CutName mMidTpcSepLSName
CutName mMidTpcSepUSName
CutName mHBTName
CutName mCoulombName
CutName mMergingName
CutName mMergingName2
CutName mCrossingName
CutName mCrossingName2
CutName mLUTName
CutName mpionMomentumName
CutName mKaonMomentumName
CutName mprotonMomentumName
CutName mpionOtherMassName
CutName mpionpionMassName
CutName mpionKaonMassName
CutName mpionprotonMassName
CutName mKaonOtherMassName
CutName mKaonKaonMassName
CutName mKaonprotonMassName
CutName mprotonOtherMassName
CutName mprotonprotonMassName
CutName mOtherOtherMassName
float mdphi [2]
float mdeta [2]
float mgooddzdxy [2]
float mdmt [2]
float mqInv [2]
float mEntSep [2]
float mExitSep [2]
float mQuality [2]
float mMidTpcSepLS [2]
float mMidTpcSepUS [2]
float mHBT [4]
float mCoulomb [4]
float mMerging [2]
float mMerging2 [2]
float mCrossing [2]
float mCrossing2 [2]
float mLUTParams [2]
float mdEdxMomentumCut [4][2]
float mToFMomentumCut [4][2]
float mpionOtherMass [2]
float mpionpionMass [2]
float mpionKaonMass [2]
float mpionprotonMass [2]
float mKaonOtherMass [2]
float mKaonKaonMass [2]
float mKaonprotonMass [2]
float mprotonOtherMass [2]
float mprotonprotonMass [2]
float mOtherOtherMass [2]
bool mdeltaPhiCut
bool mdeltaEtaCut
bool mGooddeltaZdeltaXYCut
bool mdeltaMtCut
bool mqInvCut
bool mEntSepCut
bool mExitSepCut
bool mQualityCut
bool mMidTpcSepLSCut
bool mMidTpcSepUSCut
bool mHBTCut
bool mCoulombCut
bool mMergingCut
bool mCrossingCut
bool mMergingCut2
bool mCrossingCut2
bool mLUTCut
bool mpionMomentumCut
bool mKaonMomentumCut
bool mprotonMomentumCut
bool mpionOtherMassCut
bool mpionpionMassCut
bool mpionKaonMassCut
bool mpionprotonMassCut
bool mKaonOtherMassCut
bool mKaonKaonMassCut
bool mKaonprotonMassCut
bool mprotonOtherMassCut
bool mprotonprotonMassCut
bool mOtherOtherMassCut
int mdphiCounter [4]
int mdetaCounter [4]
int mgooddzdxyCounter [4]
int mdmtCounter [4]
int mqInvCounter [4]
int mEntSepCounter [4]
int mExitSepCounter [4]
int mQualityCounter [4]
int msplitLSCounter [4]
int msplitUSCounter [4]
int mHBTCounter [4]
int mCoulombCounter [4]
int mMergingCounter [4]
int mCrossingCounter [4]
int mMergingCounter2 [4]
int mCrossingCounter2 [4]
int mLUTCounter [4]
int mpionMomentumCounter [4]
int mKaonMomentumCounter [4]
int mprotonMomentumCounter [4]
int mpionOtherMassCounter [4]
int mpionpionMassCounter [4]
int mpionKaonMassCounter [4]
int mpionprotonMassCounter [4]
int mKaonOtherMassCounter [4]
int mKaonKaonMassCounter [4]
int mKaonprotonMassCounter [4]
int mprotonOtherMassCounter [4]
int mprotonprotonMassCounter [4]
int mOtherOtherMassCounter [4]
float mdeltaPhi
float mdeltaEta
float mdeltaMt
float mqInvariant
float mEntranceSeparation
float mExitSeparation
float mQualityVal
float mMidTpcSeparationLS
float mMidTpcSeparationUS
float mBField
int mType
unsigned long mapMask0
unsigned long mapMask1
unsigned long bitI [32]
int mretVal
int mcutMode
 just a dummy holder used a lot
float mZoffset
- Protected Attributes inherited from StEStructCuts
char * mcutFileName
int mMaxStore
char ** mvarName
float * mvalues
float * mminVal
float * mmaxVal
int mnumVars
TH1 ** mvarHistsNoCut
TH1 ** mvarHistsCut
bool mDoFillHists
char mcutTypeName [64]

Detailed Description

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