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StEmcOldFinder Class Reference

#include <StEmcOldFinder.h>

Inheritance diagram for StEmcOldFinder:

Public Member Functions

virtual Bool_t findClusters (StEvent *)
 finds clusters in a StEvent object
void setEnergySeed (Int_t det, Float_t a)
 sets the energy seed. Energy seed is the minimum energy a hit should have to start looking for a cluster in that region
void setEnergyAdd (Int_t det, Float_t a)
 sets the energy add. Energy add is the minimum energy a hit should have to be include in a cluster
void setEnergyThresholdAll (Int_t det, Float_t a)
 sets the energy threshold. Energy threshold is the minimum energy a cluster should have to be saved
void setSizeMax (Int_t det, Int_t a)
 sets the size max. Size max is the maximum number of hits a cluster can have
Float_t energySeed (Int_t det)
 returns the energy seed value for a given detector
Float_t energyAdd (Int_t det)
 returns the energy add value for a given detector
Float_t energyThresholdAll (Int_t det)
 returns the energy threshold for a given detector
Int_t sizeMax (Int_t det)
 returns the size max for a given detector
- Public Member Functions inherited from StEmcVirtualFinder
virtual Bool_t fillStEvent (StEvent *)
 fills the StEvent object with the StEmcPreCluster objects in the collections
virtual Bool_t fillHistograms (StEvent *)
 fills the QA histograms
virtual Bool_t clear (StEvent *)
 removes clusters and points from the StEvent object
virtual Bool_t clear ()
 clear the pre cluster collections
void setPrint (Bool_t a)
 Obsolete function; users can control messages with logger config file.

Protected Member Functions

Bool_t findClustersInDetector (StEmcDetector *)
 finds clusters in a given detector
Bool_t findClustersInModule (Int_t, StEmcModule *)
 finds clusters in a BEMC module
Bool_t testOnNeighbor (Int_t, Int_t)
 test for hits in neighbor strips

Protected Attributes

Float_t mEnergySeed [MAXDETBARREL]
Float_t mEnergyAdd [MAXDETBARREL]
Float_t mEnergyThresholdAll [MAXDETBARREL]
TArrayF mEnergy
TArrayI mEW
TArrayI mSW
TArrayI mUsed
TArrayI mHitsId
Int_t mNHit
Int_t mNH
Int_t mFirst
Int_t mLast
Int_t mKeyEta
Int_t mKeyPhi
Int_t mEtaFirst
Int_t mEtaLast
Int_t mPhiFirst
Int_t mPhiLast
Int_t mSecond
Int_t mEtaSeed
Int_t mKeyDir
Int_t mOverlapFlag
Float_t mEnergyLast
Float_t mEnergyFirst
- Protected Attributes inherited from StEmcVirtualFinder
StEmcPreClusterCollectionmColl [MAXDETBARREL]
Bool_t mPrint

Detailed Description

Alexandre A. P. Suaide

This is the original BEMC cluster finder algorithm developed by Subhasis and Aleksei Pavlinov. It was ported to this new framework.

Definition at line 23 of file StEmcOldFinder.h.

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