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StFgtIClusterAlgo Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for StFgtIClusterAlgo:
StFgtMaxClusterAlgo StFgtSeededClusterAlgo StFgtSimpleClusterAlgo

Public Member Functions

virtual Int_t doClustering (const StFgtCollection &fgtCollection, StFgtStripCollection &, StFgtHitCollection &)=0
virtual Int_t Init ()=0
virtual Int_t Finish ()=0
virtual void setDb (StFgtDb *pDb)=0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 48 of file StFgtIClusterAlgo.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Int_t StFgtIClusterAlgo::doClustering ( const StFgtCollection fgtCollection,
StFgtStripCollection ,
pure virtual
 subclasses must implement this function that takes raw hits from StEvent and fills the Cluster collection

the input might be modified, since the clustering checks if the seeds are legitimate and adds the info to the strips if they are at the beginning or end of a cluster

Implemented in StFgtSeededClusterAlgo, StFgtMaxClusterAlgo, and StFgtSimpleClusterAlgo.

Referenced by StFgtClusterMaker::Make().

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