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StFgtMaxClusterAlgo Class Reference

#include <StFgtMaxClusterAlgo.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual Int_t doClustering (const StFgtCollection &fgtCollection, StFgtStripCollection &strips, StFgtHitCollection &clusters)
 main work functions getting strips above pedestal for each disk More...
virtual Int_t Init ()
void setDb (StFgtDb *pDb)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StFgtIClusterAlgo
virtual Int_t Finish ()=0

Detailed Description

Implements the StFgtIClusterAlgo interface. The doClustering method looks for the strip with the highest charge in each layer. This is meant as a fallback/test solution as it is fast and does not get confused by large clusters and the like. It will only find one cluster per layer. Also, no errors are assigned to charge or location.

Copy constructor and assignment operator omitted deliberately

Definition at line 45 of file StFgtMaxClusterAlgo.h.

Member Function Documentation

Int_t StFgtMaxClusterAlgo::doClustering ( const StFgtCollection fgtCollection,
StFgtStripCollection strips,
StFgtHitCollection clusters 

main work functions getting strips above pedestal for each disk

algo just loops over the strips and selects the one with the highest charge in each layer

Implements StFgtIClusterAlgo.

Definition at line 70 of file StFgtMaxClusterAlgo.cxx.

References kStOk.

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