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StFtpcPoint Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 StFtpcPoint (Long_t row, Long_t sector, Long_t n_pads, Long_t n_bins, Long_t max_adc, Long_t charge, Float_t padpos, Float_t timepos, Float_t padpossigma, Float_t timepossigma, Double_t x, Double_t y, Double_t z, Double_t x_err, Double_t y_err, Double_t z_err, Double_t s_phi, Double_t s_r, Long_t flags)
 StFtpcPoint (const StFtpcPoint &point)
 StFtpcPoint (Double_t *x, Int_t row)
void TransformFtpc2Global ()
void TransformGlobal2Ftpc ()
void SetStFtpcHitCoord ()
virtual Int_t ToStEvent (StFtpcHitCollection *ftpcHitColl)
StFtpcHitGetStFtpcHit ()
TVector3 GetCoord ()
TVector3 GetError ()
Double_t GetX () const
Double_t GetY () const
Double_t GetZ () const
Double_t GetRadius () const
Double_t GetXerr () const
Double_t GetYerr () const
Double_t GetZerr () const
Double_t GetSigmaPhi () const
Double_t GetSigmaR () const
StFtpcTrackGetTrack (TObjArray *tracks) const
void SetTrackedFlag (Bool_t tracked)
Bool_t GetTrackedFlag ()
void SetGlobalFlag (Bool_t global)
Bool_t GetGlobalFlag ()
void SetUnusableForTrackingFlag (Bool_t global)
Bool_t GetUnusableForTrackingFlag ()
Bool_t IsUsable ()
Bool_t IsUnusable ()
Bool_t IsInGlobalCoord ()
Bool_t GetUsage ()
Int_t GetHitNumber () const
Int_t GetNextHitNumber () const
Int_t GetTrackNumber () const
Float_t GetPadPos () const
Float_t GetTimePos () const
Float_t GetPadPosSigma () const
Float_t GetTimePosSigma () const
Long_t GetPadRow () const
Long_t GetSector () const
Long_t GetNumberPads () const
Long_t GetNumberBins () const
Long_t GetMaxADC () const
Long_t GetCharge () const
Long_t GetFlags () const
Int_t GetDetectorId () const
Long_t GetHardwarePosition () const
Double_t GetXPrimResidual () const
Double_t GetYPrimResidual () const
Double_t GetRPrimResidual () const
Double_t GetPhiPrimResidual () const
Double_t GetXGlobResidual () const
Double_t GetYGlobResidual () const
Double_t GetRGlobResidual () const
Double_t GetPhiGlobResidual () const
void SetStFtpcHit (StFtpcHit *f)
void SetX (Double_t f)
void SetY (Double_t f)
void SetZ (Double_t f)
void SetXerr (Double_t f)
void SetYerr (Double_t f)
void SetZerr (Double_t f)
void SetGlobalCoord (Bool_t f)
void SetUsage (Bool_t f)
void SetHitNumber (Int_t f)
void SetNextHitNumber (Int_t f)
void SetTrackNumber (Int_t f)
void SetPadPos (Float_t f)
void SetTimePos (Float_t f)
void SetPadPosSigma (Float_t f)
void SetTimePosSigma (Float_t f)
void SetPadRow (Long_t f)
void SetSector (Long_t f)
void SetNumberPads (Long_t f)
void SetNumberBins (Long_t f)
void SetMaxADC (Long_t f)
void SetCharge (Long_t f)
void SetFlags (Long_t f)
void SetSigmaPhi (Double_t f)
void SetSigmaR (Double_t f)
void SetResidualsToZero ()
void SetXPrimResidual (Double_t f)
void SetYPrimResidual (Double_t f)
void SetRPrimResidual (Double_t f)
void SetPhiPrimResidual (Double_t f)
void SetXGlobResidual (Double_t f)
void SetYGlobResidual (Double_t f)
void SetRGlobResidual (Double_t f)
void SetPhiGlobResidual (Double_t f)

Detailed Description

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