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StGammaCandidate Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StGammaCandidate:

Public Types

enum  CalorimeterId { kEEmc = 0, kBEmc, kUnknown = 255 }
enum  thresholdCut { kMagnitude, kTransverse }

Public Member Functions

virtual const char * GetCVS () const
Float_t sumPt (Float_t radius, Float_t threshold=0.0, thresholdCut cut=kTransverse)
Float_t sumTrackPt (Float_t radius, Float_t threshold=0.0, thresholdCut cut=kTransverse)
Float_t sumTowerPt (Float_t radius, Float_t threshold=0.0, thresholdCut cut=kTransverse)
Float_t sumPreshower1 (Float_t radius, Float_t threshold=0.0)
Float_t sumPreshower2 (Float_t radius, Float_t threshold=0.0)
Float_t sumPostshower (Float_t radius, Float_t threshold=0.0)
Int_t numberOfTracks (Float_t radius, Float_t threshold=0.0, thresholdCut cut=kTransverse)
Int_t numberOfTowers (Float_t radius, Float_t threshold=0.0, thresholdCut cut=kTransverse)
Int_t numberOfPreshower1 (Float_t radius, Float_t threshold=0.0)
Int_t numberOfPreshower2 (Float_t radius, Float_t threshold=0.0)
Int_t numberOfPostshower (Float_t radius, Float_t threshold=0.0)
Int_t detectorId ()
Int_t id ()
Float_t energy () const
Float_t seedEnergy () const
Float_t pre1Energy (Float_t threshold=0.0)
Float_t pre2Energy (Float_t threshold=0.0)
Float_t postEnergy (Float_t threshold=0.0)
Float_t smduEnergy (Float_t threshold=0.0)
Float_t smdvEnergy (Float_t threshold=0.0)
Float_t smdEtaEnergy (Float_t threshold=0.0)
Float_t smdPhiEnergy (Float_t threshold=0.0)
TVector3 position () const
TVector3 momentum () const
TVector3 momentum1x1 ()
TVector3 momentum1x1c ()
TVector3 momentum2x1 ()
Int_t numberOfTracks ()
Int_t numberOfTowers ()
Int_t numberOfPreshower1 ()
Int_t numberOfPreshower2 ()
Int_t numberOfPostshower ()
Int_t numberOfSmdu ()
Int_t numberOfSmdv ()
Int_t numberOfSmdEta ()
Int_t numberOfSmdPhi ()
StGammaTracktrack (Int_t i)
StGammaTowertower (Int_t i)
StGammaTowerpreshower1 (Int_t i)
StGammaTowerpreshower2 (Int_t i)
StGammaTowerpostshower (Int_t i)
StGammaStripsmdu (Int_t i)
StGammaStripsmdv (Int_t i)
StGammaStripsmdEta (Int_t i)
StGammaStripsmdPhi (Int_t i)
StGammaTrackmytrack (Int_t i)
StGammaTowermytower (Int_t i)
StGammaTowermypreshower1 (Int_t i)
StGammaTowermypreshower2 (Int_t i)
StGammaTowermypostshower (Int_t i)
Int_t numberOfMyTracks ()
Int_t numberOfMyTowers ()
Int_t numberOfMyPreshower1 ()
Int_t numberOfMyPreshower2 ()
Int_t numberOfMyPostshower ()
StGammaFitterResultsmdFit (Int_t plane=0)
void recluster (TVector3 vertex, Float_t threshold, thresholdCut cut=kTransverse)
void SetId (Int_t id)
void SetTowerId (Int_t id)
void SetTowerClusterId (Int_t id)
void SetSmduClusterId (Int_t id)
void SetSmdvClusterId (Int_t id)
void SetSmdEtaClusterId (Int_t id)
void SetSmdPhiClusterId (Int_t id)
void SetDetectorId (Int_t id)
void SetMomentum (TVector3 p)
void SetPosition (TVector3 p)
void SetEnergy (Float_t e)
void SetSeedEnergy (Float_t e)
void SetPre1Energy (Float_t e)
void SetBPrsEnergy (Float_t e)
void SetPre2Energy (Float_t e)
void SetPostEnergy (Float_t e)
void SetSmduEnergy (Float_t e)
void SetSmdvEnergy (Float_t e)
void SetSmdEtaEnergy (Float_t e)
void SetSmdPhiEnergy (Float_t e)
void addTrack (StGammaTrack *track)
void addTower (StGammaTower *tower)
void addPreshower1 (StGammaTower *pre1)
void addPreshower2 (StGammaTower *pre2)
void addPostshower (StGammaTower *post)
void addSmdu (StGammaStrip *strip)
void addSmdv (StGammaStrip *strip)
void addSmdEta (StGammaStrip *strip)
void addSmdPhi (StGammaStrip *strip)
void addMyTrack (StGammaTrack *track)
void addMyTower (StGammaTower *tower)
void addMyPreshower1 (StGammaTower *pre1)
void addMyPreshower2 (StGammaTower *pre2)
void addMyPostshower (StGammaTower *post)
void SetSmdFit (const StGammaFitterResult &fit, Int_t plane=0)

Protected Attributes

Int_t mGammaId
Int_t mTowerId
 Unique ID assigned to gamma candidate in event.
Int_t mTowerClusterId
 Seed tower ID (Eemc=index, Bemc=softid)
Int_t mSmduClusterId
 Unique ID of tower cluster.
Int_t mSmdvClusterId
 Unique ID of ESMD U (BSMD Eta) cluster.
UChar_t mDetector
 Unique ID of ESMD V (BSMD Phi) cluster.
TVector3 mMomentum
TVector3 mPosition
 Momentum of the gamma candidate.
Float_t mEnergy
 Position of the gamma at z (r) = SMD.
Float_t mSeedEnergy
 Energy of the gamma candidate.
Float_t mPre1Energy
 Energy of the seed tower.
Float_t mPre2Energy
 Energy deposited in epre1 (or bprs)
Float_t mPostEnergy
 Energy deposited in epre2 (possibly tof?)
Float_t mSmduEnergy
 Energy deposited in epost.
Float_t mSmdvEnergy
 Energy deposited in esmdu (or bsmd eta)
StGammaFitterResult mSmdFit [2]
 Energy deposited in emsdv (or bsmd phi)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file StGammaCandidate.h.

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