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StJetCandidate Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StJetCandidate:

Public Member Functions

 StJetCandidate (const TVector3 &vertex, const TLorentzVector &fourMomentum, float area=0, float area_error=0)
TLorentzVector fourMomentum () const
TVector3 momentum () const
float pt () const
float eta () const
float phi () const
float E () const
float area () const
float areaError () const
float px () const
float py () const
float pz () const
float detEta () const
float detEta (const TVector3 &vertex) const
bool getBarrelDetectorEta (const TVector3 &vertex, float &detEta) const
bool getEndcapDetectorEta (const TVector3 &vertex, float &detEta) const
float sumTrackPt () const
float sumTrackPt (float radius) const
float sumTowerPt () const
float sumTowerPt (float radius) const
float sumPt () const
float sumPt (float radius) const
float profile (float radius) const
float psi (float radius) const
float rt () const
float neutralFraction () const
float chargedFraction () const
StJetTrackleadingChargedParticle () const
float deltaPhi (const StJetCandidate *jet) const
float deltaR (const StJetCandidate *jet) const
float deltaR (const StJetElement *element) const
int numberOfTracks () const
int numberOfTowers () const
int numberOfParticles () const
StJetVertexvertex () const
StJetTracktrack (int i) const
StJetTowertower (int i) const
StJetParticleparticle (int i) const
StJetTrackgetTrackById (int id) const
StJetTowergetTowerById (int id) const
const TRefArray & tracks () const
const TRefArray & towers () const
const TRefArray & particles () const
void setPtEtaPhiE (float pt, float eta, float phi, float E)
void setPxPyPzE (float px, float py, float pz, float E)
void setVertex (const StJetVertex *vertex)
void setUeDensity (const char *name, float density)
map< string, float > ueDensity () const
StJetTrackaddTrack (StJetTrack *track)
StJetToweraddTower (StJetTower *tower)
StJetParticleaddParticle (StJetParticle *particle)

Static Public Member Functions

static float getJetPatchPhi (int jetPatch)
static bool getBarrelJetPatchEtaPhi (int id, float &eta, float &phi)
static bool getEndcapJetPatchEtaPhi (int id, float &eta, float &phi)
static bool getOverlapJetPatchEtaPhi (int id, float &eta, float &phi)
static bool getBarrelJetPatchId (float eta, float phi, int &id)
static bool getEndcapJetPatchId (float eta, float phi, int &id)
static bool getOverlapJetPatchId (float eta, float phi, int &id)


class StjeJetEventTreeWriter
class StJetMaker2009

Detailed Description

Definition at line 26 of file StJetCandidate.h.

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