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StJets Class Reference

#include <StJets.h>

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Public Member Functions

void Clear (bool clearTracks=false)
void Clear (Option_t *opt)
void setBemcCorrupt (bool v)
 Set the BEMC corrupt flag. true –> event is corrupt, no jet finding was performed.
bool bemcCorrupt () const
int nJets () const
 The number of jets found in this event.
TClonesArray * jets ()
 Access to the jets in this event.
void addJet (StJet &jet)
TClonesArray * tracks ()
 The track/tower to jet indices TClonesArray: this contains all the 4momenta contained in jets for jet finding! This is for expert use only.
TClonesArray * towers ()
void addTrackToIndex (TrackToJetIndex &t2j)
void addTowerToIndex (TowerToJetIndex &t2j)
TObjArray tracks (int jetIndex) const
 Here's how you get the 4-momenta of a track/tower in a given jet. This contains tracks and energy-corrected-towers. Use this for Frag. Function.
TObjArray towers (int jetIndex) const
vector< TLorentzVector * > particles (int jetIndex) const
int eventId () const
 access to event numbers, used to synchronize with StMuDstMaker for simultaneous reading
int eventNumber () const
int runId () const
int runNumber () const
void seteventId (int v)
void seteventNumber (int v)
void setrunId (int v)
void setrunNumber (int v)
int nDylanPoints () const
 A double check, used to synchronize with StMuDstMaker for simultaneous reading. More...
void setDylanPoints (int v)
double sumEmcE () const
 Summed energy of towers with e>0.4 (after status check)
void setSumEmcE (double v)
double e (int jetIndex) const
 User Interface as per Thomas H's request. Access jet kinematics based on index:
double et (int jetIndex) const
double p (int jetIndex) const
double pt (int jetIndex) const
double phi (int jetIndex) const
double eta (int jetIndex) const
int nCell (int jetIndex) const
int charge (int jetIndex) const

Detailed Description

T.Henry (Texas A&M) StJets persistently encapsulates the event-wise results of a given jet algorithm. That is, it stores a container of StJet objects. Additionally, it also stores some information to persistently store the parent-daughter relationsip between jets and tracks.

Definition at line 24 of file StJets.h.

Member Function Documentation

int StJets::nDylanPoints ( ) const

A double check, used to synchronize with StMuDstMaker for simultaneous reading.

Number of towers with e>0.4 GeV (after status check)

Definition at line 73 of file StJets.h.

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