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StKinkMc Class Reference

#include <StKinkMc.hh>

Inheritance diagram for StKinkMc:
StKinkBase StStrangeMuDst StKinkI StXiMc

Public Member Functions

 StKinkMc (StMcVertex *, StMcTrack *)
Int_t decayMode () const
void SetHitInfo (Int_t commonHits)
Int_t simTpcHits () const
Int_t commonTpcHits () const
Int_t parentCharge () const
Int_t daughterCharge () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from StKinkBase
Int_t geantIdParent () const
Int_t geantIdDaughter () const
Float_t parentMomentumX () const
Float_t parentMomentumY () const
Float_t parentMomentumZ () const
Float_t parentPrimMomentumZ () const
Float_t parentPrimMomentumX () const
Float_t parentPrimMomentumY () const
Float_t daughterMomentumX () const
Float_t daughterMomentumY () const
Float_t daughterMomentumZ () const
Float_t positionX () const
Float_t positionY () const
Float_t positionZ () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from StKinkI
virtual Float_t parentPrimPsi () const
virtual Float_t hitDistanceParentDaughter () const
virtual Float_t hitDistanceParentVertex () const
virtual Float_t mindE () const
virtual Float_t decayAngle () const
virtual Float_t parentMomentum () const
virtual Float_t daughterMomentum () const
virtual Float_t decayLength () const
virtual Float_t transverseMomentum () const
virtual Float_t transverseMassKaon () const
virtual Float_t transverseMassPion () const
virtual Float_t rapidityKaon () const
virtual Float_t rapidityPion () const
virtual Float_t dedxParent () const
 dE/dX of parent
virtual Float_t dedxDaughter () const
 dE/dX of daughter
virtual Float_t errDedxParent () const
 Error on mean of dE/dX of parent.
virtual Float_t errDedxDaughter () const
 Error on mean of dE/dX of daughter.
virtual UShort_t numDedxParent () const
 Number of dE/dX points for parent.
virtual UShort_t numDedxDaughter () const
 Number of dE/dX points for daughter.
virtual Float_t lenDedxParent () const
 Length of dE/dX track of parent.
virtual Float_t lenDedxDaughter () const
 Length of dE/dX track of daughter.
virtual Int_t keyParent () const
 Track id of parent.
virtual Int_t keyDaughter () const
 Track id of daughter.
virtual Float_t dcaParentDaughter () const
virtual Float_t dcaDaughterPrimaryVertex () const
virtual Float_t dcaParentPrimaryVertex () const
virtual Float_t chi2Kink () const
 Chi square of Kink.
virtual Float_t clKink () const
 Confidence level of Kink.
virtual Float_t chi2Parent () const
 Chi square of parent.
virtual Float_t clParent () const
 Confidence level of parent.
virtual Float_t chi2Daughter () const
 Chi square of daughter.
virtual Float_t clDaughter () const
 Confidence level of daughter.
virtual void setParentBad ()
 Set the parent as bad.
virtual void setDaughterBad ()
 Set the daughter as bad.
virtual Bool_t bad () const
 Test whether either daughter is bad.

Protected Attributes

Int_t mSimTpcHits
Int_t mCommonTpcHits
Int_t mDecayMode
- Protected Attributes inherited from StKinkBase
Int_t mParentGeantId
Int_t mDaughterGeantId
Float_t mParentMomentumX
Float_t mParentMomentumY
Float_t mParentMomentumZ
Float_t mParentPrimMomentumX
Float_t mParentPrimMomentumY
Float_t mParentPrimMomentumZ
Float_t mDaughterMomentumX
Float_t mDaughterMomentumY
Float_t mDaughterMomentumZ
Float_t mPositionX
Float_t mPositionY
Float_t mPositionZ

Detailed Description

Gene Van Buren
          Monte Carlo Kink micro dst class

Definition at line 16 of file StKinkMc.hh.

Member Function Documentation

Int_t StKinkMc::decayMode ( ) const

Returns the decay process for the vertex, where the deacy modes are enumerated in decayModeType

Reimplemented from StKinkI.

Reimplemented in StXiMc.

Definition at line 40 of file StKinkMc.hh.

Referenced by StXiMc::decayMode().

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