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StKinkVertex Class Reference

#include <StKinkVertex.h>

Inheritance diagram for StKinkVertex:
StVertex StMeasuredPoint StObject

Public Member Functions

StVertexId type () const
unsigned int numberOfDaughters () const
StTrackdaughter (unsigned int=0)
const StTrackdaughter (unsigned int=0) const
StPtrVecTrack daughters (StTrackFilter &)
StParticleDefinitionpidParent () const
StParticleDefinitionpidDaughter () const
unsigned short geantIdParent () const
unsigned short geantIdDaughter () const
float dcaParentDaughter () const
float dcaDaughterPrimaryVertex () const
float dcaParentPrimaryVertex () const
float hitDistanceParentDaughter () const
float hitDistanceParentVertex () const
float dE (unsigned int i) const
float decayAngle () const
float decayAngleCM () const
const StThreeVectorFparentMomentum () const
StThreeVectorFparentMomentum ()
const StThreeVectorFdaughterMomentum () const
StThreeVectorFdaughterMomentum ()
void setGeantIdParent (unsigned short)
void setGeantIdDaughter (unsigned short)
void setDcaParentDaughter (float)
void setDcaDaughterPrimaryVertex (float)
void setDcaParentPrimaryVertex (float)
void setHitDistanceParentDaughter (float)
void setHitDistanceParentVertex (float)
void setdE (unsigned int, float)
void setDecayAngle (float)
void setDecayAngleCM (float)
void setParentMomentum (const StThreeVectorF &)
void setDaughterMomentum (const StThreeVectorF &)
void addDaughter (StTrack *)
void removeDaughter (StTrack *)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StVertex
int operator== (const StVertex &) const
int operator!= (const StVertex &) const
int flag () const
float chiSquared () const
float probChiSquared () const
StMatrixF covariantMatrix () const
void covarianceMatrix (double covM[6]) const
StThreeVectorF positionError () const
StTrackparent ()
const StTrackparent () const
virtual unsigned int numberOfGoodTracks () const
virtual void setFlag (int val)
virtual void setCovariantMatrix (float[6])
void setCovariantMatrix (const double val[6])
virtual void setChiSquared (float val)
virtual void setProbChiSquared (float val)
virtual void setParent (StTrack *)
int idTruth () const
int qaTruth () const
int idParent () const
void setIdTruth (int idtru, int qatru=0)
void setIdParent (Int_t id)
void setIdTruth ()
virtual void setPrimaryVtx ()
virtual void setV0Vtx ()
virtual void setXiVtx ()
virtual void setKinkVertex ()
virtual void setBeamConstrained ()
virtual void setRejected ()
bool isPrimaryVtx () const
bool isV0Vtx () const
bool isXiVtx () const
bool isKinkVertex () const
bool isBeamConstrained () const
bool isRejected () const
void Print (Option_t *option="") const
- Public Member Functions inherited from StMeasuredPoint
 StMeasuredPoint (const StThreeVectorF &)
int operator== (const StMeasuredPoint &) const
int operator!= (const StMeasuredPoint &) const
virtual const StThreeVectorFposition () const
virtual void setPosition (const StThreeVectorF &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StObject
 StObject (const StObject &sto)
StObjectoperator= (const StObject &sto)
virtual TObject * clone () const
Int_t isZombie () const
virtual void makeZombie (int flg=1)
UInt_t Ztreamer (TBuffer &R__b)
 ClassDef (StObject, 3) static UInt_t fgTally

Protected Attributes

StLink< StTrackmDaughter
UShort_t mParentGeantId
UShort_t mDaughterGeantId
Float_t mDcaParentDaughter
Float_t mDcaDaughterPrimaryVertex
Float_t mDcaParentPrimaryVertex
Float_t mHitDistanceParentDaughter
Float_t mHitDistanceParentVertex
Float_t mDeltaEnergy [3]
Float_t mDecayAngle
Float_t mDecayAngleCM
StThreeVectorF mParentMomentum
StThreeVectorF mDaughterMomentum
- Protected Attributes inherited from StVertex
StVertexId mType
Char_t mBeg [1]
Int_t mFlag
Float_t mCovariantMatrix [6]
Float_t mChiSquared
Float_t mProbChiSquared
Int_t mIdTruth
UShort_t mQuality
Int_t mIdParent
Char_t mEnd [1]
StLink< StTrackmParent
- Protected Attributes inherited from StMeasuredPoint
StThreeVectorF mPosition

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from StVertex
static void SetNoFitPointCutForGoodTrack (UInt_t val)
static UInt_t NoFitPointCutForGoodTrack ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from StVertex
void NotImplemented (const char *method) const
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from StVertex
static UInt_t fgNoFitPointCutForGoodTrack = 15

Detailed Description

Thomas Ullrich, Sep 1999

Definition at line 52 of file StKinkVertex.h.

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