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StMcEventMaker Class Reference

Filling of all StMcEvent classes from g2t tables Transform all the data in the g2t tables into the corresponding StMc classes, and create the pointers to navigate from event to hits/tracks/vertices. More...

Inheritance diagram for StMcEventMaker:
StMaker TDataSet

Public Member Functions

 StMcEventMaker (const char *name="StMcEventMaker", const char *title="")
virtual void Clear (const char *opt="")
virtual Int_t Init ()
virtual Int_t Make ()
virtual Int_t Finish ()
virtual const char * GetCVS () const
void printEventInfo ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from StMaker
 StMaker (const char *name="", const char *dummy=0)
 Constructor & Destructor.
virtual Int_t IsChain () const
virtual void Clear (Option_t *option="")
 User defined functions.
virtual Int_t InitRun (Int_t runumber)
virtual void StartMaker ()
virtual Int_t IMake (Int_t number)
virtual void EndMaker (Int_t ierr)
virtual Int_t FinishRun (Int_t oldrunumber)
virtual void FatalErr (Int_t Ierr, const char *Com)
virtual void PrintInfo ()
virtual void NotifyMe (const char *, const void *)
virtual void AddMaker (StMaker *mk)
virtual void MakeDoc (const TString &, const TString &, Bool_t)
virtual void AddData (TDataSet *data, const char *dir=".data")
 User methods.
virtual TDataSetAddObj (TObject *obj, const char *dir, int owner=1)
virtual TDataSetToWhiteBoard (const char *name, void *dat)
virtual TDataSetToWhiteBoard (const char *name, void *dat, void *del)
virtual TDataSetToWhiteBoard (const char *name, TObject *dat, Int_t owner)
virtual TDataSetToWhiteConst (const char *name, TObject *dat)
virtual TDataSetToWhiteConst (const char *name, void *dat)
virtual TDataSetWhiteBoard (const char *name, void *v=0) const
virtual Int_t Skip (Int_t nskip)
virtual void AddConst (TDataSet *data=0)
virtual void AddHist (TH1 *h, const char *dir=0)
virtual void AddGarb (TDataSet *data=0)
virtual void AddRunco (TDataSet *data=0)
virtual void AddRunco (Double_t par, const char *name, const char *comment)
void AddRunCont (TDataSet *data=0)
virtual TList * GetHistList () const
virtual TH1 * GetHist (const char *histName) const
virtual StMakercd ()
virtual StMakerCd ()
virtual Int_t GetNumber () const
 STAR methods.
virtual void SetNumber (Int_t number)
virtual StMakerGetParentChain () const
virtual Int_t GetIventNumber () const
 Returns the current event number.
virtual void SetIventNumber (Int_t iv)
virtual Int_t GetEventNumber () const
virtual Int_t GetRunNumber () const
 Returns the current RunNumber.
virtual const TDatime & GetDateTime () const
virtual const TDatime & GetDBTime () const
virtual void SetDateTime (Int_t idat, Int_t itim)
virtual StEvtHddrGetEvtHddr () const
virtual Int_t GetDate () const
virtual Int_t GetTime () const
virtual const char * GetEventType () const
virtual TDataSetGetData (const char *name, const char *dir=".data") const
virtual TDataSetGetData () const
virtual TDataSetGetConst () const
virtual TDataSetGetDataSet (const char *logInput) const
virtual TDataSetDataSet (const char *logInput) const
virtual TDataSetGetInputDS (const char *logInput) const
virtual TDataSetGetDataBase (const char *logInput, const TDatime *td=0)
virtual TDataSetGetInputDB (const char *logInput)
virtual Int_t GetDebug () const
virtual Int_t Debug () const
virtual Int_t GetMakeReturn () const
virtual TList * Histograms () const
virtual TString GetAlias (const char *log, const char *dir=".aliases") const
virtual TString GetInput (const char *log) const
virtual TString GetOutput (const char *log) const
virtual TList * GetMakeList () const
virtual StMakerGetParentMaker () const
virtual StMakerGetMaker (const char *mkname)
virtual StMakerGetMakerInheritsFrom (const char *mktype) const
virtual Bool_t IsActive ()
virtual StMakerMaker (const char *mkname)
virtual void SetBIT (EMakerStatus k)
 Maker Status Bits.
virtual void ResetBIT (EMakerStatus k)
virtual Bool_t TestBIT (EMakerStatus k)
virtual void SetActive (Bool_t k=kTRUE)
 Setters for flags and switches.
virtual void SetDebug (Int_t l=1)
virtual void SetDEBUG (Int_t l=1)
virtual void SetFlavor (const char *flav, const char *tabname)
virtual void SetMakeReturn (Int_t ret)
virtual void SetAlias (const char *log, const char *act, const char *dir=".aliases")
virtual void AddAlias (const char *log, const char *act, const char *dir=".aliases")
virtual void SetInput (const char *log, const char *act)
virtual void SetOutput (const char *log, const char *act)
virtual void SetOutput (const char *log, TDataSet *ds)
virtual void SetOutput (TDataSet *ds)
virtual void SetOutputAll (TDataSet *ds, Int_t level=1)
virtual void SetMode (Int_t mode=0)
virtual void SetNotify (const char *about, StMaker *mk)
virtual Int_t GetMode ()
virtual Int_t GetDebug ()
virtual const StChainOptGetChainOpt () const
virtual TFile * GetTFile () const
virtual void NotifyEm (const char *about, const void *ptr)
virtual Double_t RealTime ()
virtual Double_t CpuTime ()
virtual void StartTimer (Bool_t reset=kFALSE)
virtual void StopTimer ()
virtual void PrintTimer (Option_t *option="")
virtual void PrintTotalTime ()
virtual const char * GetName () const
 special overload
TObject * GetDirObj (const char *dir) const
void SetDirObj (TObject *obj, const char *dir)
Int_t SetAttr (const char *key, const char *val, const char *to=".")
Int_t SetAttr (const char *key, Int_t val, const char *to=".")
Int_t SetAttr (const char *key, UInt_t val, const char *to=".")
Int_t SetAttr (const char *key, Double_t val, const char *to=".")
Int_t SetAttr (const StMaker *mk)
Int_t RemAttr (const char *key, const char *to=".")
const TAttrGetAttr () const
Int_t IAttr (const char *key) const
UInt_t UAttr (const char *key) const
Double_t DAttr (const char *key) const
const char * SAttr (const char *key) const
void PrintAttr () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from TDataSet
 TDataSet (const char *name="", TDataSet *parent=0, Bool_t arrayFlag=kFALSE)
 TDataSet (const TDataSet &src, EDataSetPass iopt=kAll)
 TDataSet (TNode &src)
 This copy ctor has been depricated (left for thwe sake of the backweard compatibility)
virtual ~TDataSet ()
 std::cout << "Default destructor for " << GetName() << " - " << GetTitle() << std::endl;
virtual void Add (TDataSet *dataset)
virtual void AddAt (TDataSet *dataset, Int_t idx=0)
virtual void AddAtAndExpand (TDataSet *dataset, Int_t idx=0)
virtual void AddFirst (TDataSet *dataset)
 Add TDataSet object at the beginning of the dataset list of this dataset.
virtual void AddLast (TDataSet *dataset)
 Add TDataSet object at the end of the dataset list of this dataset.
TDataSetAt (Int_t idx) const
virtual void Browse (TBrowser *b)
 Browse this dataset (called by TBrowser).
virtual TObject * Clone (const char *newname="") const
 the custom implementation fo the TObject::Clone
virtual void Delete (Option_t *opt="")
virtual TDataSetFind (const char *path) const
virtual TDataSetFindByName (const char *name, const char *path="", Option_t *opt="") const
virtual TDataSetFindByPath (const char *path) const
 Aliase for TDataSet::Find(const Char_t *path) method.
virtual TDataSetFindByTitle (const char *title, const char *path="", Option_t *opt="") const
TObject * FindObject (const char *name) const
TObject * FindObject (const TObject *o) const
virtual TDataSetFirst () const
 Return the first object in the list. Returns 0 when list is empty.
TObjArray * GetObjArray () const
virtual TSeqCollection * GetCollection () const
TList * GetList () const
virtual Int_t GetListSize () const
TObject * GetMother () const
virtual TObject * GetObject () const
 The depricated method (left here for the sake of the backward compatibility)
virtual TDataSetGetParent () const
virtual Long_t HasData () const
virtual TDataSetInstance () const
virtual TString Path () const
 return the full path of this data set
virtual EDataSetPass Pass (EDataSetPass(*callback)(TDataSet *), Int_t depth=0)
virtual EDataSetPass Pass (EDataSetPass(*callback)(TDataSet *, void *), void *user, Int_t depth=0)
virtual void PrintContents (Option_t *opt="") const
virtual Int_t Purge (Option_t *opt="")
virtual void Remove (TDataSet *set)
 Remiove the "set" from this TDataSet.
virtual TDataSetRemoveAt (Int_t idx)
virtual void SetMother (TDataSet *parent=0)
virtual void SetObject (TObject *obj)
 The depricated method (left here for the sake of the backward compatibility)
virtual void SetParent (TDataSet *parent=0)
virtual void SetWrite ()
virtual void Shunt (TDataSet *newParent=0)
virtual void Sort ()
 Sort recursively all members of the TDataSet with TList::Sort method.
virtual Bool_t IsEmpty () const
 return kTRUE if the "internal" collection has no member
virtual Bool_t IsFolder () const
virtual Bool_t IsMarked () const
virtual Bool_t IsThisDir (const char *dirname, int len=-1, int ignorecase=0) const
virtual TDataSetLast () const
 Return the last object in the list. Returns 0 when list is empty.
virtual void ls (Option_t *option="") const
virtual void ls (Int_t depth) const
void Mark ()
void UnMark ()
void MarkAll ()
 Mark all members of this dataset.
void UnMarkAll ()
 UnMark all members of this dataset.
void InvertAllMarks ()
 Invert mark bit for all members of this dataset.
void Mark (UInt_t flag, EBitOpt reset=kSet)
virtual TDataSetNext () const
virtual TDataSetPrev () const
virtual void Update ()
virtual void Update (TDataSet *set, UInt_t opt=0)
virtual Int_t Write (const char *name=0, Int_t option=0, Int_t bufsize=0)
virtual Int_t Write (const char *name=0, Int_t option=0, Int_t bufsize=0) const

Public Attributes

Bool_t doPrintEventInfo
Bool_t doPrintMemoryInfo
 lots of screen output
Bool_t doPrintCpuInfo
Bool_t doUseTpc
Bool_t doUseSvt
Bool_t doUseSsd
Bool_t doUseFtpc
Bool_t doUseRich
Bool_t doUseBemc
Bool_t doUseBsmd
Bool_t doUseCtb
Bool_t doUseTofp
Bool_t doUseTof
Bool_t doUseMtd
Bool_t doUseEemc
Bool_t doUseFpd
Bool_t doUseFsc
Bool_t doUsePxl
Bool_t doUseIst
Bool_t doUseFgt
Bool_t doUseEtr
- Public Attributes inherited from StMaker
enum StMaker:: { ... }  EModule_return_Status

Protected Member Functions

void fillBemc (St_g2t_emc_hit *)
void fillBsmd (St_g2t_emc_hit *)
void fillEemc (St_g2t_emc_hit *g2t_tile, St_g2t_emc_hit *g2t_smd)
void fillFpd (St_g2t_emc_hit *)
void fillFsc (St_g2t_emc_hit *)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from StMaker
StMessMgrGetLogger () const
virtual TDataSetFindDataSet (const char *logInput, const StMaker *uppMk=0, const StMaker *dowMk=0) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TDataSet
virtual void SetMother (TObject *mother)
 TDataSet (const char *name, const char *title)
void AddMain (TDataSet *set)
 add data set to main data set
TDataSetGetRealParent ()
 return real parent
void MakeCollection ()
 Create the internal container at once if any.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from StMaker
enum  EDebugLevel { kNormal, kDebug }
enum  EMakerStatus {
  kInitBeg = 1, kInitEnd = 2, kMakeBeg = 3, kCleaBeg = 4,
  kFiniBeg = 5, kFiniEnd = 6, kActive = 7
- Public Types inherited from TDataSet
enum  EDataSetPass {
  kContinue, kPrune, kStop, kUp,
  kStruct, kAll, kRefs, kMarked
enum  ESetBits { kMark = BIT(22), kArray = BIT(20) }
enum  EBitOpt { kSet = kTRUE, kReset = kFALSE }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from StMaker
static StMakerNew (const char *classname, const char *name="", void *title=0)
static StMakerGetTopChain ()
static StMakerGetChain ()
static StMakerGetFailedMaker ()
static StMakerGetMaker (const TDataSet *ds)
 Static functions.
static EDataSetPass ClearDS (TDataSet *ds, void *user)
static const char * RetCodeAsString (Int_t kode)
static Int_t AliasDate (const char *alias)
static Int_t AliasTime (const char *alias)
static const char * AliasGeometry (const char *alias)
static const DbAlias_tGetDbAliases ()
static void SetTestMaker (StTestMaker *mk)
static Int_t Cleanup (TDataSet *&ds)
static void lsMakers (const StMaker *top)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TDataSet
static TDataSetGetMainSet ()
 return pointer to the main dataset
static TDataSetinstance ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from TDataSet
static EDataSetPass SortIt (TDataSet *ds)
static EDataSetPass SortIt (TDataSet *ds, void *user)
- Protected Attributes inherited from StMaker
 list of logInput:ActualInput
 list of logOuput:ActualOuput
TList * m_Histograms
 Run Control parameters.
Int_t fTallyMaker [kStFatal+1]
Int_t m_Mode
Int_t m_Number
 Integer mode of maker.
Int_t m_LastRun
 Serial event number.
Int_t m_DebugLevel
 Last Run number.
Int_t m_MakeReturn
 Debug level.
TStopwatch m_Timer
 Make() return flag.
 Timer object.
 StMemStat for Make.
Int_t fStatus
 StMemStat for Clear.
 Maker status.
- Protected Attributes inherited from TDataSet
TSeqCollection * fList
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from StMaker
static StMakerfgTopChain = 0
 list of Histograms
static StMakerfgStChain = 0
 pointer to top StChain
static StMakerfgFailedMaker = 0
 current pointer to StChain
static StTestMakerfgTestMaker = 0
 current pointer to failed maker
static Int_t fgTallyMaker [kStFatal+1] = {0,0,0,0,0}
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from TDataSet
static TDataSetfgMainSet = &mainSet

Detailed Description

Filling of all StMcEvent classes from g2t tables Transform all the data in the g2t tables into the corresponding StMc classes, and create the pointers to navigate from event to hits/tracks/vertices.

Manuel Calderon de la Barca Sanchez
July 1999
StMcEventMaker.cxx,v 1.79 2016/08/04 01:54:33 perev Exp

Revision 1.79 2016/08/04 01:54:33 perev Fix mess in indices started from 0 and 1

Revision 1.78 2013/03/25 23:51:19 perev Mustafa.Pxl corrs

Revision 1.77 2012/07/21 18:45:09 perev Cleanup

Revision 1.76 2012/03/22 01:20:55 perev Etr add

Revision 1.75 2012/03/02 02:16:57 perev MTD Creation added

Revision 1.74 2011/11/21 22:00:13 perev Ignore tracks with wrong ge_id

Revision 1.73 2011/10/11 01:24:57 perev Mtd added

Revision 1.72 2011/07/20 17:36:32 perev Fsc added

Revision 1.71 2011/04/01 19:58:35 perev forse P<E fix/hack

Revision 1.70 2011/01/26 19:48:35 perev FPD ==> STAR Soft

Revision 1.69 2010/07/21 17:31:23 perev useBtof cancelled useTof is ON instead (F.Geurt)

Revision 1.68 2010/01/28 18:12:26 perev WarnOff

Revision 1.67 2009/07/24 19:06:41 perev Btof added (Geurts)

Revision 1.66 2007/10/16 19:49:46 fisyak rename Hft => Pxl, remove Hpd, Igt and Fst

Revision 1.65 2007/08/13 22:04:51 calderon Fix off-by-one bug in assigning parents to event-generator particles found by Pibero. Should be done obtaining the index to the mother particle in the particle table and subtracting one from this index when accessing the ttempParticle array. Added debugging to check this.

Revision 1.64 2007/04/28 17:56:26 perev Redundant StChain.h removed

Revision 1.63 2006/11/22 21:18:24 fisyak Add check that coming from g2t tables : iTrkId >= 0 && iTrkId < NTracks

Revision 1.62 2006/09/25 14:21:46 fisyak Add Hpd Hits

Revision 1.60 2005/10/07 20:39:02 fisyak Restore comment field from particle table

Revision 1.59 2005/09/28 21:30:51 fisyak Persistent StMcEvent

Revision 1.58 2005/08/09 03:31:57 perev LeakFix

Revision 1.57 2005/07/07 18:21:17 calderon Added code for filling of IGT classes.

Revision 1.56 2005/06/09 19:42:33 perev if(Debug()) for prinout added

Revision 1.55 2005/06/06 19:15:07 calderon Update for filling EEMC hits. All filling now done in one function, StMcEventMaker::fillEemc(), towers, prs, smdu, smdv.

Revision 1.54 2005/05/27 23:38:06 calderon Update of EEMC filling for eprs, esmdu and esmdv hits.

Revision 1.53 2005/05/11 20:53:13 calderon Added loading of SSD hits from g2t_ssd_hit table.

Revision 1.52 2005/04/18 20:12:39 calderon Modifications to build the Fgt and Fst classes from the g2t tables.

Revision 1.51 2005/01/21 02:32:28 jeromel No idea of what this change was about ...

Revision 1.50 2004/12/17 01:19:40 calderon Protection against deleting twice (Found by Jeff Porter).

Revision 1.49 2004/10/29 20:08:26 calderon Reduce cout statements in normal running, but keep them in Debug mode.

Revision 1.48 2004/01/14 22:46:45 fisyak replace iostream by Stiostream.h

Revision 1.47 2003/12/09 19:29:39 calderon Changes to check the volume id of FTPC hits. new volume id's run from 1000 to 2906 (they include the sectors). For backward compatibility, include 101 - 2906 in the check for a good volume Id.

Revision 1.46 2003/12/04 05:58:15 calderon Introduction of Endcap EMC collections into StMcEvent. Read the corresponding g2t table for the hits, decode the volume Id and add it to the proper containers in StMcEvent and StMcTrack.

Revision 1.45 2003/10/08 20:28:23 calderon use <iostream>, std::ostream, std::cout

Revision 1.44 2003/09/02 17:58:41 perev gcc 3.2 updates + WarnOff

Revision 1.43 2003/08/20 18:51:01 calderon Filling of Tof and Pixel classes.

Revision 1.42 2003/02/19 03:17:04 calderon Code to fill the StMcCtbHitCollection from the g2t tables by the Gansinator.

Revision 1.41 2003/01/23 04:03:20 jeromel Include fixed

Revision 1.40 2001/10/15 20:38:56 pavlinov Added bfcTree/geantBranch for searching g2t tablesStMcEventMaker.cxx

Revision 1.39 2001/05/13 21:14:49 calderon Modifications from Aleksei : StMcEmcHitCollections changed, added method for printing Emc information of the event

Revision 1.38 2001/04/25 18:10:50 perev HPcorrs

Revision 1.37 2001/03/13 16:14:02 pavlinov StEmcGeom moved to StEmcUtil

Revision 1.36 2000/09/07 21:04:51 calderon Remove requirement on having g2t_tpc_hit table to create StMcEvent. Print diagnostics accordingly. Add doUseBsmd(kTRUE) to StMcEventMaker constructor.

Revision 1.35 2000/08/11 20:57:00 calderon bug fix to PrintInfo(), Thanks Maria

Revision 1.34 2000/06/22 23:53:31 calderon Changes from Aleksei for filling of emc hits. ttemp and ttempParticle are now data members.

Revision 1.33 2000/06/09 19:52:42 calderon use compMcHit instead of compMcTpcHit and compMcSvtHit

Revision 1.32 2000/06/06 03:00:18 calderon Introduction of Calorimeter classes. Filled according to algorithm from Aleksei, plus some additional checks.

Revision 1.31 2000/05/19 17:46:56 calderon remove requirement to find particle table remove requirement to check volume id for rich hits

Revision 1.30 2000/05/17 23:43:11 calderon assign the parent of the tracks from the particle table at the end of the track loop.

Revision 1.29 2000/05/17 19:42:01 calderon Fix bug in assigning parent tracks, Thanks Zhangbu

Revision 1.28 2000/05/11 20:16:01 calderon Fix typo in checking for volume id of rich hits, Thanks Jamie.

Revision 1.27 2000/05/11 14:40:29 calderon Added switches to do/do not load hit information from different detectors. By default, all the detectors' hit information is loaded.

Revision 1.26 2000/05/04 22:46:39 calderon pdg Id is now read in the track constructor for all tracks

Revision 1.25 2000/04/24 22:08:23 calderon change for indexing of mother particles

Revision 1.24 2000/04/20 15:56:16 calderon If particle & g2t_rch_hit table are not found in geant branch, look for them in dst branch (for backwards compatibility).

Revision 1.23 2000/04/19 17:45:22 calderon particle table and g2t_rch_hit table are now in geant branch

Revision 1.22 2000/04/18 23:17:23 calderon delete the svt hit if it is not possible to store it

Revision 1.21 2000/04/18 00:56:39 calderon Add pdgId to tracks that appear in both tables

Revision 1.20 2000/04/17 23:01:56 calderon proper casting to remove a comparison warning

Revision 1.19 2000/04/12 21:32:36 calderon check for eg_label in range of particle table

Revision 1.18 2000/04/06 23:29:40 calderon The parent track is now stored for all tracks.

Revision 1.17 2000/04/06 20:26:55 calderon All particles in the particle table are now filled. Relationships to parents can be followed to event generator particles.

Revision 1.16 2000/04/06 08:38:08 calderon First version using the particle table. The parent daughter relationship(if it exists) between tracks in the g2t_track table and tracks that come from the event generator is successfully established. Next step is to load the rest of the particle table entries that don't have any descendants in the g2t table (which is the majority of the entries).

Revision 1.15 2000/04/04 23:15:43 calderon Report number of hits successfully stored and additional reporting of hits with bad volume id.

Revision 1.14 2000/03/06 18:07:36 calderon 1) Check tpc hit volume id to not load hits in pseudo pad rows. 2) Sort the hits in the collections, in order to save time later during hit associations.

Revision 1.13 2000/02/04 15:40:52 calderon Fix dumping of vertex info when there is just one vertex.

Revision 1.12 2000/01/18 20:53:08 calderon Changes to work with CC5

Revision 1.11 2000/01/11 23:18:56 calderon Check if there are hits before writing info to screen.

Revision 1.10 1999/12/14 07:05:32 calderon Use numbering scheme

Revision 1.9 1999/12/03 19:40:42 calderon volume_id for SVT hits can be up to ~8700.

Revision 1.8 1999/12/03 00:55:21 calderon Completely revised for StMcEvent 2.0 Using StDbUtilities for coordinate transformations. Tested g2t_event table is read properly (when available). Added messages for diagnostics. Tested in Linux, Solaris 4.2 and HP.

Revision 1.7 1999/09/24 01:23:18 fisyak Reduced Include Path

Revision 1.6 1999/09/23 21:25:59 calderon Added Log & Id Modified includes according to Yuri

Revision 1.5 1999/09/15 18:39:28 calderon -Do not require g2t_ftp_hit table for filling of StMcEvent -Update README for changes

Revision 1.4 1999/09/10 19:11:54 calderon Write the Ntuple in StMcAnalysisMaker into a file. This way it can be accessed after the macro finishes, otherwise it gets deleted.

Revision 1.3 1999/07/28 20:27:42 calderon Version with SL99f libraries

Definition at line 115 of file StMcEventMaker.h.

Member Function Documentation

Int_t StMcEventMaker::Finish ( )

Terminate a run. Place to make operations on histograms, normalization,etc.

Reimplemented from StMaker.

Definition at line 423 of file StMcEventMaker.cxx.

References StMaker::Finish().

Int_t StMcEventMaker::Make ( )

The Make() method is the one responsible for calling the maker's InitRun(). Note that that InitRun() is called for real data and if both of the following are true

  • a header exists
  • the run number changes

This is the ONLY place calling the InitRun() routine.

check privilege to skip event

Reimplemented from StMaker.

Definition at line 442 of file StMcEventMaker.cxx.

References StMaker::AddData(), doPrintMemoryInfo, kStOK, and kStWarn.

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