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StTrackHelper Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StTrackHelper:

Public Member Functions

 StTrackHelper (const StTrack *trk=0)
 StTrackHelper (const StGlobalTrack *trk)
int GetType () const
int GetFlag () const
int GetCharge () const
const StVertexGetParent () const
float GetImpact () const
float GetCurv () const
int numberOfFitPoints (int detid=0) const
const StThreeVectorFGetFirstPoint () const
const StThreeVectorFGetLastPoint () const
const StThreeVectorFGetMom () const
float GetPsi () const
float GetDip () const
int GetNHits () const
const StHitGetHit (int idx) const
const StPtrVecHit * GetHits () const
StMCTruth GetTruth (int byCount=0, double rXYMin=0., double rXYMax=1000.) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from StHelixHelper
 StHelixHelper (const StPhysicalHelix &helix, const StPhysicalHelix &outerHelix, double length)
 StHelixHelper (const StHelixHelper &helper)
float GetLength () const
virtual StPhysicalHelixDGetHelix (int idx=0) const
virtual THelixTrackGetTHelix (int idx=0) const
virtual Float_t * GetPoints (int &npoints) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from StHelixHelper
enum  { kInnerHelix, kOutterHelix }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from StHelixHelper
static THelixTrackMyHelix (THelixTrack *myHlx, const StHelixD *evHlx)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 64 of file StEventHelper.h.

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