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StXiMuDst Class Reference

#include <StXiMuDst.hh>

Inheritance diagram for StXiMuDst:
StV0MuDst StXiI StStrangeMuDst StV0I StV0I

Public Member Functions

 StXiMuDst (StXiVertex *x1, StV0Vertex *v1, StStrangeEvMuDst *e1)
void Fill (StXiVertex *, StV0Vertex *, StStrangeEvMuDst *)
Int_t charge () const
 Particle charge.
Float_t decayVertexXiX () const
Float_t decayVertexXiY () const
Float_t decayVertexXiZ () const
 Coordinates of decay vertex.
virtual Float_t decayLengthV0 () const
 3-d decay distance of V0 from Xi
Float_t dcaXiDaughters () const
 DCA of xi daughters at decay vertex.
Float_t dcaBachelorToPrimVertex () const
 DCA of bachelor to primary vertex.
Float_t dcaXiToPrimVertex () const
 DCA of xi to primary vertex.
Float_t momBachelorX () const
Float_t momBachelorY () const
Float_t momBachelorZ () const
 Momentum components of bachelor.
Int_t keyBachelor () const
 Bachelor track key.
StTrackTopologyMaptopologyMapBachelor ()
 Bachelor track topology map.
TVector3 momXi ()
 Momentum of Xi/Omega at decay vertex.
Float_t momXiX ()
Float_t momXiY ()
Float_t momXiZ ()
 Momentum components of Xi/Omega at decay vertex.
TVector3 momXiAtPrimVertex ()
 Momentum of Xi/Omega at primary vertex.
Float_t momXiAtPrimVertexX ()
Float_t momXiAtPrimVertexY ()
Float_t momXiAtPrimVertexZ ()
 Momentum components of Xi/Omega at primary vertex.
Float_t chi2Xi () const
 Chi square of Xi (used only by MuDst)
Float_t clXi () const
 Confidence level of Xi.
Float_t chi2Bachelor () const
 Chi square of bachelor.
Float_t clBachelor () const
 Confidence level of bachelor.
void setBachelorBad ()
 Set the bachelor as bad.
Long_t detectorIdXi ()
 Detector ID for Xi vertex.
virtual Long_t detectorIdPars ()
 Detector ID for pars used in V0 finder.
Float_t dedxBachelor () const
 dE/dX of bachelor
Float_t errDedxBachelor () const
 Error on mean of dE/dX of bachelor.
UShort_t numDedxBachelor () const
 Number of dE/dX points for bachelor.
Float_t lenDedxBachelor () const
 Length of dE/dX track for bachelor.
StPhysicalHelixDhelixXi ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from StV0MuDst
 StV0MuDst (StV0Vertex *, StStrangeEvMuDst *)
void Fill (StV0Vertex *, StStrangeEvMuDst *)
Float_t decayVertexV0X () const
Float_t decayVertexV0Y () const
Float_t decayVertexV0Z () const
 Coordinates of decay vertex.
Float_t dcaV0Daughters () const
 DCA of v0 daughters at decay vertex.
Float_t dcaV0ToPrimVertex () const
 DCA of v0 to primary vertex.
Float_t dcaPosToPrimVertex () const
 DCA of pos v0 daughter to pri vertex.
Float_t dcaNegToPrimVertex () const
 DCA of neg v0 daughter to pri vertex.
Float_t momPosX () const
Float_t momPosY () const
Float_t momPosZ () const
 Momentum components of pos. daughter.
Float_t momNegX () const
Float_t momNegY () const
Float_t momNegZ () const
 Momentum components of neg. daughter.
StTrackTopologyMaptopologyMapPos ()
 Pos. daughter track topology map.
StTrackTopologyMaptopologyMapNeg ()
 Neg. daughter track topology map.
Int_t keyPos () const
 Pos. daughter track key.
Int_t keyNeg () const
 Neg. daughter track key.
Float_t momV0X () const
Float_t momV0Y () const
Float_t momV0Z () const
 Momentum components of V0.
Float_t chi2V0 () const
 Chi square of V0.
Float_t clV0 () const
 Confidence level of V0.
Float_t chi2Pos () const
 Chi square of pos. daughter.
Float_t clPos () const
 Confidence level of pos. daughter.
Float_t chi2Neg () const
 Chi square of neg. daughter.
Float_t clNeg () const
 Confidence level of neg. daughter.
void setPosBad ()
 Set the pos. daughter as bad.
void setNegBad ()
 Set the neg. daughter as bad.
Long_t detectorIdV0 ()
 Detector ID for V0 Vertex.
Float_t dedxPos () const
 dE/dX of pos. daughter
Float_t dedxNeg () const
 dE/dX of neg. daughter
Float_t errDedxPos () const
 Error on mean of dE/dX of pos. daughter.
Float_t errDedxNeg () const
 Error on mean of dE/dX of neg. daughter.
UShort_t numDedxPos () const
 Number of dE/dX points for pos. daughter.
UShort_t numDedxNeg () const
 Number of dE/dX points for neg. daughter.
Float_t lenDedxPos () const
 Length of dE/dX track of pos. daughter.
Float_t lenDedxNeg () const
 Length of dE/dX track of neg. daughter.
- Public Member Functions inherited from StV0I
virtual void Clear ()
StStrangeEvMuDstevent ()
 Pointer to event information.
virtual void SetEvent (StStrangeEvMuDst *)
 Set pointer to event information.
Float_t alphaV0 ()
Float_t ptArmV0 ()
 Armenteros-Podolanski variables.
Float_t cTauLambda ()
 Lifetime (ctau) assuming (anti)lambda.
Float_t cTauK0Short ()
 Lifetime (ctau) assuming k-short.
TVector3 momPos ()
 Momentum of pos. daughter.
TVector3 momNeg ()
 Momentum of neg. daughter.
TVector3 momV0 ()
 Momentum of V0.
Float_t ptV0 ()
 Transverse momentum.
Float_t ptPos ()
 Transverse momentum of pos. daughter.
Float_t ptNeg ()
 Transverse momentum of neg. daughter.
Float_t ptotV0 ()
 Total momentum.
Float_t ptotPos ()
 Total momentum of pos. daughter.
Float_t ptotNeg ()
 Total momentum of neg. daughter.
Float_t eLambda ()
 Energy assuming lambda hypothesis.
Float_t eK0Short ()
 Energy assuming k-short hypothesis.
Float_t ePosProton ()
 Energy of pos. daughter assuming proton.
Float_t ePosPion ()
 Energy of pos. daughter assuming pion.
Float_t eNegProton ()
 Energy of neg. daughter assuming antiproton.
Float_t eNegPion ()
 Energy of neg. daughter assuming pion.
Float_t massLambda ()
 Mass assuming lambda hypothesis.
Float_t massAntiLambda ()
 Mass assuming antilambda hypothesis.
Float_t massK0Short ()
 Mass assuming k-short hypothesis.
Float_t rapLambda ()
 Rapidity assuming (anti)lambda.
Float_t rapK0Short ()
 Rapidity assuming k-short.
Float_t thetaV0 ()
 Polar angle theta.
Float_t thetaPos ()
 Polar angle theta of pos. daughter.
Float_t thetaNeg ()
 Polar angle theta of neg. daughter.
Float_t pseudoRapV0 ()
Float_t pseudoRapPos ()
 Pseudorapidity of pos. daughter.
Float_t pseudoRapNeg ()
 Pseudorapidity of neg. daughter.
Float_t mtLambda ()
 Transverse mass assuming lambda.
Float_t mtK0Short ()
 Transverse mass assuming k-short.
Float_t mtm0Lambda ()
 mt-m0 assuming lambda
Float_t mtm0K0Short ()
 mt-m0 assuming k-short
Float_t ePosHyp (Float_t mass)
 Energy of pos. daughter assuming its mass.
Float_t eNegHyp (Float_t mass)
 Energy of neg. daughter.
Float_t massHypV0 (Float_t massPos, Float_t massNeg)
Float_t eHypV0 (Float_t mass)
Float_t rapHypV0 (Float_t mass)
Float_t mtHypV0 (Float_t mass)
Float_t mtm0HypV0 (Float_t mass)
 Energy, rapidity, mt, mt-m0 of V0 assuming its mass.
Float_t decayCosThetaK0Short ()
Float_t decayCosThetaLambda ()
Float_t decayCosThetaAntiLambda ()
Float_t polCosThetaLambda ()
Float_t polCosThetaAntiLambda ()
Float_t decayCosThetaPosLambda ()
Float_t decayCosThetaNegLambda ()
Float_t decayCosThetaPosAntiLambda ()
Float_t decayCosThetaNegAntiLambda ()
Float_t dCTV0 (Float_t m1, Float_t m2, StChargeSign charge)
 This helper function can be used for decayCosTheta of any hypothesis. More...
TVector3 momPosK0Short ()
TVector3 momNegK0Short ()
TVector3 momPosLambda ()
TVector3 momNegLambda ()
TVector3 momPosAntiLambda ()
TVector3 momNegAntiLambda ()
TVector3 momV0Frame (Float_t m1, Float_t m2, StChargeSign charge)
virtual Int_t decayMode () const
virtual Int_t geantIdParent () const
virtual Int_t geantIdPositive () const
virtual Int_t geantIdNegative () const
virtual Int_t positiveSimTpcHits () const
virtual Int_t positiveCommonTpcHits () const
virtual Int_t negativeSimTpcHits () const
virtual Int_t negativeCommonTpcHits () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from StXiI
Float_t decayDistanceV0 () const
 3-d distance of V0 decay from primary vertex
Float_t decayLengthXi () const
 3-d decay distance of Xi
Float_t alphaXi ()
Float_t ptArmXi ()
 Armenteros-Podolanski variables.
Float_t cTauOmega ()
 Lifetime (ctau) assuming (anti)Omega.
Float_t cTauXi ()
 Lifetime (ctau) assuming (anti)Xi.
TVector3 momBachelor ()
 Momentum of bachelor.
Float_t ptXi ()
 Transverse momentum of Xi/Omega.
Float_t ptBachelor ()
 Transverse momentum of bachelor.
Float_t ptotXi ()
 Total momentum of Xi/Omega.
Float_t ptotBachelor ()
 Total momentum of bachelor.
Float_t eOmega ()
 Energy assuming Omega hypothesis.
Float_t eXi ()
 Energy assuming Xi hypothesis.
Float_t eBachelorPion ()
 Energy of bachelor assuming pion.
Float_t eBachelorKaon ()
 Energy of bachelor assuming kaon.
Float_t massOmega ()
 Mass assuming Omega hypothesis.
Float_t massXi ()
 Mass assuming Xi hypothesis.
Float_t rapOmega ()
 Rapidity assuming (anti)Omega.
Float_t rapXi ()
 Rapidity assuming (anti)Xi.
Float_t thetaXi ()
 Polar angle theta of Xi/Omega.
Float_t thetaBachelor ()
 Polar angle theta of bachelor.
Float_t pseudoRapXi ()
 Pseudorapidity of Xi/Omega.
Float_t pseudoRapBachelor ()
 Pseudorapidity of bachelor.
Float_t mtOmega ()
 Transverse mass assuming (anti)Omega.
Float_t mtXi ()
 Transverse mass assuming (anti)Xi.
Float_t mtm0Omega ()
 mt-m0 assuming (anti)Omega
Float_t mtm0Xi ()
 mt-m0 assuming (anti)Xi
Float_t eBachelorHyp (Float_t mass)
 Energy of bachelor assuming its mass.
Float_t massHypXi (Float_t massV0, Float_t massBachelor)
 Invariant mass assuming daughter masses.
Float_t eHypXi (Float_t mass)
Float_t rapHypXi (Float_t mass)
Float_t mtHypXi (Float_t mass)
Float_t mtm0HypXi (Float_t mass)
 Energy, rapidity, mt, mt-m0 of Xi assuming its mass.
Float_t decayCosThetaBachelorXi ()
Float_t decayCosThetaV0Xi ()
Float_t decayCosThetaBachelorOmega ()
Float_t decayCosThetaV0Omega ()
Float_t dCTXi (Float_t m1, Float_t m2, StXiDaughter type)
 This helper function can be used for decayCosTheta of any hypothesis. More...
TVector3 momBachelorXi ()
TVector3 momV0Xi ()
TVector3 momBachelorOmega ()
TVector3 momV0Omega ()
TVector3 momXiFrame (Float_t m1, Float_t m2, StXiDaughter type)
virtual Int_t V0Index ()
virtual Bool_t bad () const
 Test whether any child is bad.

Protected Member Functions

void FillXi (StXiVertex *)
void setXiHelix ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from StV0MuDst
Long_t detectorIdTrack (StTrackTopologyMap &)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from StV0I
Float_t Ptot2Pos ()
Float_t Ptot2Neg ()
Float_t Ptot2V0 ()
Float_t Pt2V0 ()
Float_t MomPosAlongV0 ()
Float_t MomNegAlongV0 ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from StXiI
Float_t Ptot2Bachelor ()
Float_t Ptot2Xi ()
Float_t Pt2Xi ()
Float_t MomBachelorAlongXi ()
Float_t MomV0AlongXi ()

Protected Attributes

Int_t mCharge
Float_t mDecayVertexXiX
Float_t mDecayVertexXiY
Float_t mDecayVertexXiZ
Float_t mDcaXiDaughters
Float_t mDcaBachelorToPrimVertex
Float_t mDcaXiToPrimVertex
Float_t mMomBachelorX
Float_t mMomBachelorY
Float_t mMomBachelorZ
Int_t mKeyBachelor
StTrackTopologyMap mTopologyMapBachelor
Float_t mChi2Xi
Float_t mClXi
Float_t mChi2Bachelor
Float_t mClBachelor
Float_t mDedxBachelor
Float_t mErrDedxBachelor
UShort_t mNumDedxBachelor
- Protected Attributes inherited from StV0MuDst
Float_t mDecayVertexV0X
Float_t mDecayVertexV0Y
Float_t mDecayVertexV0Z
Float_t mDcaV0Daughters
Float_t mDcaV0ToPrimVertex
Float_t mDcaPosToPrimVertex
Float_t mDcaNegToPrimVertex
Float_t mMomPosX
Float_t mMomPosY
Float_t mMomPosZ
Float_t mMomNegX
Float_t mMomNegY
Float_t mMomNegZ
Int_t mKeyPos
Int_t mKeyNeg
StTrackTopologyMap mTopologyMapPos
StTrackTopologyMap mTopologyMapNeg
Float_t mChi2V0
Float_t mClV0
Float_t mChi2Pos
Float_t mClPos
Float_t mChi2Neg
Float_t mClNeg
Float_t mDedxPos
Float_t mDedxNeg
Float_t mErrDedxPos
Float_t mErrDedxNeg
UShort_t mNumDedxPos
UShort_t mNumDedxNeg
- Protected Attributes inherited from StV0I


class StMuMomentumShiftMaker

Detailed Description

Gene Van Buren, UCLA, 24-Mar-2000
Peter G. Jones, University of Birmingham, 30-Mar-1999
          Xi (cascade) micro dst class

Definition at line 18 of file StXiMuDst.hh.

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