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daqReader Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 daqReader (char *buffer, int size)
 daqReader (const char *fname)
void init ()
daq_detdet (const char *det)
void insert (daq_det *which, int rts_id)
void de_insert (int rts_id)
void Make ()
char * get_sfs_name (const char *snippet=0)
char * get (int which, int type=EVP_TYPE_ANY)
char * skip_then_get (int numToSkip, int num, int type=EVP_TYPE_ANY)
int IsEvp ()
daqReaderrts () const
int getOfflineId (int daqId)
int getDetectorSize (const char *str)
int setMmap (int flag)
int setOpen (int flag)
int setLog (int flag)
char * setEvpDisk (char *fs)
int writeCurrentEventToDisk (char *fname)
void readall_reset ()
int fixDatapSummary (DATAP *datap)
const char * getInputType ()
int getNextEventFilename (int num, int type)
int getNextEventFilenameFromLive (int type)
int getNextEventFilenameFromDir (int eventNum)
int openEventFile ()
int addToEventSize (int sz)
int getEventSize ()
int hackSummaryInfo ()
int copySummaryInfoIn (SummaryInfo *info)
int fillSummaryInfo (SummaryInfo *info, DATAP *datap)
int fillSummaryInfo (SummaryInfo *info, gbPayload *gbPayload)
int fillSummaryInfo_v03 (SummaryInfo *info, gbPayload *gbPayload)
int fillSummaryInfo_v02 (SummaryInfo *info, gbPayload_0x02 *gbPayload)
int fillSummaryInfo_v01a (SummaryInfo *info, gbPayload_0x01a *gbPayload)
int fillSummaryInfo_v01 (SummaryInfo *info, gbPayload_0x01 *gbPayload)
int readNextFutureSummaryInfo (SummaryInfo *info)
void setCopyOnWriteMapping ()

Public Attributes

int trgIds [64]
int trgIdsSet
int trgIdsNotPresent
daq_detdets [DAQ_READER_MAX_DETS]
daq_detpseudo_dets [DAQ_READER_MAX_DETS]
char * data_memory
int data_size
char evp_disk [256]
char fname [256]
char file_name [256]
long long int file_size
int desc
int isevp
char * event_memory
int event_size
u_int bytes
long long int evt_offset_in_file
char * mem
int sfs_lastevt
int status
u_int readall_rundone
u_int readall_lastevt
u_int readall_run
u_int event_number
u_int total_events
u_int run
u_int evb_type
u_int evb_cou
u_int evb_type_cou
u_int token
u_int trgcmd
u_int daqcmd
u_int trgword
u_int phyword
u_int daqbits
u_int daqbits_l1
u_int daqbits_l2
u_longlong daqbits64
u_longlong daqbits64_l1
u_longlong daqbits64_l2
u_int evpgroups
u_int flags
u_int evt_time
u_int seq
u_int detectors
UINT64 detectors64
float triggerFrequency
u_int triggerFrequency_valid
int streaming_seq
int streaming_evb
char streaming_node [12]
u_int detector_bugs
UINT64 detector_bugs64
u_int detsinrun
UINT64 detsinrun64
u_int evpgroupsinrun
u_int L1summary [2]
u_int L2summary [2]
u_int L3summary [4]

Static Public Attributes

static const int DAQ_READER_MAX_DETS = 48

Detailed Description

Definition at line 87 of file daqReader.h.

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