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gl3Conductor Class Reference

Public Member Functions

int configure (L3_CFG *cfg)
int add (gl3Algorithm *algorithm)
int fillSummary (int token, struct L3_summary *, struct L3_SUMD *)
int collectSummary (int token)
int fillTracks (int token)
void clearAlgorithms ()
int checkHistoRequest ()
int init ()
int processEvent (EventDescriptor *desc, L3_P *l3data, TrgSumData *=NULL, RawTrgDet *=NULL)
gl3EventgetEvent (int token)
int releaseToken (int token)
int resetHistos ()
int runStart (int _runNumber)
int runEnd ()
int end ()
void setBField (float bField)
void setHitProcessing (int hitPro)
void setMaxSectorNForTrackMerging (int _trackMerging)
int setup (St_l3_Coordinate_Transformer *_trans, int maxEvents=1, int maxAlgorithm=10)
int setCommunications ()
int writeHistos (int maxBytes, char *buffer)

Public Attributes

short maxEvents
short maxAlgorithms
short communicationsFlag
int nEvents
int nAlgorithms
int maxTokens
int runNumber
int * tokenIndex
short hitProcessing
int maxSectorNForTrackMerging

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file gl3Conductor.h.

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