STAR focus: Twenty Years of STAR

This June STAR and RHIC are celebrating 20 years of successful operations and scientific discoveries. Here you can find features and articles highlighting STAR and RHIC over the years.

Previous Spokespersons' Thoughts: We asked the previous Spokespeople to share “then" and “now” photos as well as their favor memories of collaborating on STAR and what they are most proud of helping the collaboration achieve while they were Spokesperson.

Students of STAR: A small collection of then and now photos of students who are working on STAR.

Grad Students: Where are they now?: A collection of graduate students from the beginnings of STAR and where they are now.

Then and Now: Photo Gallery of STAR members at the time of start of STAR operations and now.

Twenty Years of RHIC: BNL article highlighting the history of RHIC.

20th Anniversary of RHIC Indico: Link to Indico event featuring links to presentations highlighting twenty years of RHIC.

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